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FIFA World Cup Game 30

On the bright side, all the years these games are shaving off my life mean I don’t have to worry as much about how my retirement plan is doing. If nothing else, I was happy to see so many Major League Soccer players on the pitch and thrilled to see Wondo play, even if it was only for a few minutes. I used to not understand the substitutions at the end of the game. Not anymore.

But that was a major heartbreaker. Thursday is going to be a bloodbath. I don’t think my nervous system can take it. I might go hide in a cave until the matches are finished.

Hey, check out this fun statistics page.

I picked another giant bowl of raspberries this afternoon. And there are still tons ready to come on. One tomato plant is looking great but the others look pitiful. The pumpkins are on the windowsill and ready to go out. I thought I’d plant them today but ran out of time. I don’t understand why soccer watching is so exhausting but I’m off to bed early.

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FIFA World Cup Games 24 and 25

First of all, I found this out in the backyard when I got home from my trip. Looks like more are not far behind. So pretty!

Here’s another shot of the “before” garden.

And this is what it looked like when I got home. I was out there this afternoon, cleaning up. I put the big tomato in a cage and picked beets and tons of berries. There is still so much work to do out there, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed.

On to soccer. I missed Italy v. Costa Rica live because I slept in and then went to the grocery store. I had a book waiting for me at the library and the library opens at 10 on Friday instead of 9. I didn’t want to have to make another trip so I killed time in the car. Then when I did self-checkout I got an error warning that said: Your privilege has expired.

It sounded ominous but the librarian just confirmed my current information and sent me on my way.

I decided to watch Switzerland v. France instead and that went from exciting to pitiful pretty quick. I never enjoy watching a team meltdown.

At the half I gave up and turned on the Italy v. Costa Rica game. This is the first time I’ve seen Costa Rica and I was impressed. I saw someone else had it in their twitter feed: let’s get all their defenders on the Timbers. I was sad for Italy and my beautiful Buffon. I thought Donovan Rickets was the only goalkeeper who looks amazing in orange. I was wrong.

I decided to skip Honduras and Ecuador. I was getting antsy to do something besides sit on the couch. I love my lazy time but I love doing stuff on my list, too. Tomorrow is a big day because Argentina and Germany are both playing, although not each other.

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FIFA Game 23 Uruguay v. England

I’m having trouble using Photoshop (long story omitted but has to do with when technology makes our lives easier by making our lives more complicated) so I am attempting to use one of my flickr photos. But flickr has changed and I’m not sure what’s going on and I do not have the patience or brainspace to figure it out right now.

I’m pretty frazzled from traveling and having consecutive intensive long work days. I don’t know how people do this all the time.

But I did manage to see Uruguay v. England. I am not a fan of Luis Suarez and it pained me to see him, even with what looked like genuine boyish joy, do so well against England. I was crossing my fingers for a last minute equalizer.

Uruguay did show up with the beautiful hair I’ve been looking for that Argentina failed to deliver. Cavani with his long hair and amazing cheek bones. Meanwhile, when Uruguay was up they were the falling-down time-wasting babies. And then England equalized and miracle! They stopped falling down. I really hate this. I know all teams do time wasting stunts but this was shamefully ridiculous.

But hard cheese, they won and they get to go through. England is finished. Too bad.

I saw about 3 minutes of Greece v. Japan and I have no idea what happened this morning in Columbia v. Ivory Coast and I think it’s on the DVR so I’m going to fire it up right now.

I have to go to the grocery store and buy us food but otherwise no obligations this weekend. Soccer and the garden. Oh my, it is a weed factory out there plus tons of beets and greens to harvest. And hopefully some sleeping in so I can return to my regular sparkling self.

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Well, operation binge-on-soccer has had another miserable failure of a day.

I didn’t get home last night until after 10pm but I got my butt into the office early so I would have time to take a 2 hour lunch and watch Spain. I watched the first half but Spain was so pitiful I thought maybe I should save my other hour and watch the first half of Cameroon and Croatia. But then I had a big work project and ended up working late. Then there was a traffic jam and I just got home.

My DVR was on the poop this morning so the only game I could tape is Netherlands v. Australia and I already know what happened and now that I’m home and braindead I’m thinking I might just watch Game of Thrones and go to bed early.

I know. I am failing at World Cup. Maybe there’s a half hour highlights show I can watch.

Tomorrow is going to be another big work day but hopefully Friday Saturday and Sunday will be all-out couch-bunny soccer festivals of gladness.

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FIFA World Cup Catch-Up

I had grand plans for an epic post I was going to write but I’m on my way to a match in a few minutes so this is quickie update. I also have stories from my California trip. One involves (spoiler alert!) a rollover car accident that started a fire! You’ll have to wait for the details but they are good.

It was a great trip and I had a great time watching matches with my Dad.

In order to avoid being redundant, just assume that I preface every match with remarks about how cute the players are. This applies to all teams. Also, so far, the coach that I most want to take a bath with is the Croatian. (Croat? Is there a website that tells the proper words for describing nationals?)

Game 3 Spain v. Netherlands

Oh my. Is there anything sadder than a humiliated Spain National Team player? Ouch. That opening RVP goal was an instant classic. Arjen Robben’s first goal was amazing, too. Even I was wishing the ref would blow the whistle at the 80th minute.

Missed: Mexico v. Cameroon, Chile v. Australia

Game 8 England v. Italy

You know another thing that’s fun about World Cup is watching really great games where I’m not so invested that I’m biting my nails and suffering heart palpitations for 90 minutes. I loved this game. In the face, Pirlo looks like he needs a nap but the rest of him is a man on fire. And he’s surrounded by baby-faces. I was heartbroken about Gigi Buffon, I love him. But Sirigu is perfectly fine. I thought the official from the Netherlands looked like Sam Neill. Hm. All my notes from the game are commenting on how cute particular players are. I really like this England team. I can’t wait to see them again.

Game 6 Ivory Coast v. Japan (only first half)

We had to be somewhere but I convinced Dad we had enough time for the first half. My sister came downstairs and said, “Hey, these are different teams. Are you watching another game?” Loved what I saw so far. I thought Keisuke Honda’s opening goal was terrific.

Missed: Columbia v. Greece, Uruguay v. Costa Rica

Game 11 Argentina v. Bosnia & Herzegovina

BH scored a totally awful own goal – as opposed to the totally awesome ones. When it says OG next to the stats it makes it seem even worse.


I am a bit disappointed in Argentina’s hair. I’m not a fan of the fauxhawk and I’m not seeing any mullets or super swingey hair. So what was up with that bizarre empanada digression from the commentators during the match? I enjoyed this match, too.

Missed Switzerland v. Ecuador, France v. Honduras

I’m off to the match. More updates to come.

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FIFA World Cup Game 1: I Don’t Miss Vuvuzelas!

I’m trying to get ready for a road trip so sadly you are going to get some very half-assed coverage.

I admit I spend too much time online but allows me to tell you pretty much every site that I regularly read had some form of “Beginner’s Guide to Watching the World Cup” feature. I read none of them. I did bookmark a few items like this post with profiles of the German team. They have a guy on their team who is 6’6″! I can’t wait to find out more about him.

But first let’s talk about Brazil v. Croatia.

Pity the poor team that has to play against the host team in the opening match. The commentators did not even try to hide their bias. They said things like, “Huh, [Croatia’s] cross wasn’t too bad.” Like this team hadn’t played a half a million games to qualify to be there.

And then Croatia opened the scoring and it was like when the aliens blew up the White House in Independence Day. I was not fond of the commentating. At one point he told us that the Croatia, who was down at that point, was probably thinking they wanted to score a goal. What a risky assumption. Where is John Strong? When they released the birds at the beginning of the match the commentator told us that now the Brazilians were behind the team. As if earlier they’d been on the fence. Also I can’t type the word Brazilian without thinking of a hairless crotch. Thanks to the people responsible for that.

But on to the important stuff: How cute were these teams? And Croatia’s coach is gorgeous, too. Cheekbones. I immediately decided that Marcello (Brazil) is my favorite. And then he scored an own goal. My superpower is jinxing soccer. But meanwhile, that hair. So much amazing hair (ironically) on these teams. I’m sorry I don’t have time to put up photos for you but if, like me, you believe that all soccer teams need at least one player on the pitch with amazing hair (on his head), you would have been pleased today.

And there’s a difference between amazing hair and stupid hair. I will try to distinguish in a future installment.

I enjoyed the match. Brazil won but I thought Croatia, despite their terrible checked jerseys, played well and it’s just the first match.

Sadly, I’m probably not going to do better than a match a day until the middle of next week. I’ll be offline for a few days but hopefully will catch up when I return.

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FIFA World Cup is Coming!

You ever run into one of those people who will go out of their way to tell you how they saw Bruce Springsteen back in 1974 in Ashbury Park and how they were onto him before he became famous?

That’s kinda how I feel about me and World Cup.

Anyone remember the olden days when couldn’t even get all the World Cup games and you’d have to tape the re-broadcasts when they were aired in the middle of the night? I do, barely.

Now you can choose from 200 soccer matches a day and there are broadcasts of friendly matches between countries no one has even heard of. Amazing. And I still keep seeing the dialogue about whether soccer is finally going to happen in the U.S. like it isn’t already here. Yes, I realize that it’s not as big as other major sports but it’s doing just fine. There’s been so much World Cup coverage I’m already sick of it.

Just kidding.

Meanwhile, you can catch up on my previous World Cup coverage here. Looking through those old posts, I have learned a lot. Timbers started in Major League Soccer in 2011 so this is my first World Cup since I started following a club although I did have half a season ticket for the Timber’s last season in the lower division.

Here’s a hilariously over-the-top promo for German National Team.

World Cup Coverage 2014 will be spotty at first. I am going to California next weekend to celebrate Father’s Day and (a) no Internet and (b) not sure how much soccer we’re going to get away with at a family gathering. Never fear, I’ll be back.

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Big Giant Wrap Up Of All Things (For Now)

Party Beverage Crew preps for the party.

World Cup is Finished: Games 63 and 64

Game 63 between Germany and Uruguay was pretty fun considering everyone was bummed to be there and only wanted to win because it would be better than losing. Germany had a bunch of different players including a goalkeeper named Butt: I hope he names one of his kids Stinky. I liked Uruguay a lot, esp. Diego Forlan, but I was still glad Germany won.

Game 64, the final between Spain and Netherlands, was a turd. The players were whiny and brutish. The pace was clonky. The ref should have gotten the trophy.

I’m glad Spain won.

And I’m glad the tournament is finished.

I went to a Timbers game last night — only 4 more home games plus an exhibition. At least for now. Plus a Sounders in Seattle in August. But otherwise I’m winding down. (Heh heh)

Last night Timbers played Miami. At one point the kids sitting behind us yelled: Put in LeBron. Later when the Timbers scored, this kid who had brought a plastic piggy bank modeled after the World Cup trophy ran to the front of the stands and held it up. He was wearing a Barcelona FC jersey. It didn’t even make sense. He got sent back to his seat.

Cranky bear takes it out on the utility pole.

4th of July Weekend

The night before we left on our trip there was a surprise playoff game between the Timbers and rivals the Seattle Sounders. The stadium was sold out. The scene was insane — loud and boisterous. The game was fantastic and went into overtime and then to penalty kicks. It was a late kick-off anyway and with all the extra stuff I didn’t get home until 11:30pm. So I was completely thrown off schedule by a worthy cause (except we lost by 1 PK).

(Also quick Sounders question: what is that name of that color for the uniforms: “booger”?)

Then I had to get up at the crackass of dawn so I could take care of all my last minute stuff so we could be on the road by 8am to drive to California.

Trip went smooth. We had a big party weekend in honor of my Dad’s 80th birthday. It was perfect weather. Tons of great food. Awesome company. Everyone helped out. Now that I sit here to write this, I don’t have any details. I was so frazzled getting down there I didn’t even have my little notebook. I always have my little notebook. It was an epic party. I’ll put more photos on Facebook.

The Pamily

We’ve had this smoked salmon in the freezer and I keep forgetting about it. I finally went online to look for some recipe ideas.

I found one for smoked salmon and sausage chowder that sounded promising even if it isn’t really chowder weather. The “sausage” part of the recipe was chopped pepperoni sticks. Why would you even think of that?

I ended up making a sort of dip thing to spread on crackers that wasn’t wonderful and a pasta thing that was only okay. I think the problem is that this is some stout smoked salmon. It was like forest fire smoked salmon. I think it would better served as a nibbling snack on a warm afternoon with cold beer to wash it down.

Party! Note my bday gift to my dad: a custom authentic German National Team jersey.

Last note related to the Timbers game. Don’t you love it when you joke around with random strangers? Rather than cracking a joke and having a random stranger look like they’re about to call the police? I joke around with random strangers a lot because I’m uncomfortable in social situations and this is how my coping has evolved.

Before the games, co-worker and I go to this sports bar next to the stadium for burgers and beer. The booths are always full when we get there but we like this terrible little table that’s between the doors to the restrooms and the edge of the bar. They keep the brooms and vacuum right there.

There’s a TV right above the table and there was a guy standing in front watching it. We asked if it was okay to sit down and he said sure.

I struggled to get my chair out with the brooms right there and said: We like to sit by the vacuum.

The guy sad: Well, yeah. That’s the best spot most places.

He stood there a minute longer and then said: I’m going to move along. It’s creepy to stand here while you two are sitting there.

Oh well, seemed funny at the time.

Last item for this post:

I just went through my comment spam and this is my favorite, I wish it was a real comment:

“I didn’t quite get the point this to begin with. But when I read it a fourth time, it all started to make sense. Thanks for the insight. Absolutely something to spend some time on.”

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Me and my Mentros (sp?). Josa and Fernando made a bunch of these as a fundraiser to take Fernando to Disneyland. I picked this one because it has a hat and magnifying glass. Ryan got Darth Vader. I didn’t know you could do special orders. Like the handy place I keep my camera when my dress has no pockets? Photo from July 4 party by Aileen Wilder.


Germany v. Spain 0-1

Wah. My team lost today. They played pretty much doo-doo. During the first half they seemed to have minimal interest in trying to score. And Spain played great.

It’s going to be a fun final on Sunday with Netherlands and Spain. And I get to see Germany play one more time in the consolation game on Saturday.

Then soccer will be mostly finished (still have Timbers) and I can become a productive member of society again which I’m sure will please a number of people but particularly the one I live with.

Tonight I got home from work late and made myself do some exercise. All I did on vacation was eat, drink and sleep. I needed to move around a bit.

Then I did the first major yard watering of the season. While the side part watered I worked on the garden and pulled a ton of weeds, harvested 3 beets — I’m eating the greens for dinner — and 4 little potatoes. I’ll never go hungry again!

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Vacation Done, Soccer, Write-a-Thon Week #2

Klamath River Bar, July 4, 2010

We’re home. We had a fantastic trip. Tons of great people and great food.

I had three naps that should have space shuttles named after them.

Photos and details to come this weekend. (Not of the naps. Not much to tell there.)

I’ve got several more busy days ahead.

FIFA World Cup Games 57, 58, 59, 60 and 61

All four quarter-final games were fan-freaking-tastic.

Netherlands sent Brazil home – amazing.

Uruguay and Ghana – heartbreak city.

Germany destroyed my cute Argentina boys in the best possible way.

And Spain and Paraguay – that second half was insane.

I did not get to see today’s game because my DVR was re-setting itself when we were leaving and it wouldn’t let me program something that far in advance. I already know the score but there’s a replay tonight that I have set so I can watch tomorrow.

And I’m going to work super early so I can get caught up and take a long lunch for the Germany v Spain game.

Write-A-Thon Week #2 Update

3953 words this week.

Thanks again to all my sponsors. I think I’ve almost made my goal. I haven’t had time to check all the details since I returned. Still plenty of time to donate if you’re bored and have nothing to do. Info about the Write-A-Thon here and my donation sponsor page here.

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