FIFA World Cup Catch-Up

I had grand plans for an epic post I was going to write but I’m on my way to a match in a few minutes so this is quickie update. I also have stories from my California trip. One involves (spoiler alert!) a rollover car accident that started a fire! You’ll have to wait for the details but they are good.

It was a great trip and I had a great time watching matches with my Dad.

In order to avoid being redundant, just assume that I preface every match with remarks about how cute the players are. This applies to all teams. Also, so far, the coach that I most want to take a bath with is the Croatian. (Croat? Is there a website that tells the proper words for describing nationals?)

Game 3 Spain v. Netherlands

Oh my. Is there anything sadder than a humiliated Spain National Team player? Ouch. That opening RVP goal was an instant classic. Arjen Robben’s first goal was amazing, too. Even I was wishing the ref would blow the whistle at the 80th minute.

Missed: Mexico v. Cameroon, Chile v. Australia

Game 8 England v. Italy

You know another thing that’s fun about World Cup is watching really great games where I’m not so invested that I’m biting my nails and suffering heart palpitations for 90 minutes. I loved this game. In the face, Pirlo looks like he needs a nap but the rest of him is a man on fire. And he’s surrounded by baby-faces. I was heartbroken about Gigi Buffon, I love him. But Sirigu is perfectly fine. I thought the official from the Netherlands looked like Sam Neill. Hm. All my notes from the game are commenting on how cute particular players are. I really like this England team. I can’t wait to see them again.

Game 6 Ivory Coast v. Japan (only first half)

We had to be somewhere but I convinced Dad we had enough time for the first half. My sister came downstairs and said, “Hey, these are different teams. Are you watching another game?” Loved what I saw so far. I thought Keisuke Honda’s opening goal was terrific.

Missed: Columbia v. Greece, Uruguay v. Costa Rica

Game 11 Argentina v. Bosnia & Herzegovina

BH scored a totally awful own goal – as opposed to the totally awesome ones. When it says OG next to the stats it makes it seem even worse.


I am a bit disappointed in Argentina’s hair. I’m not a fan of the fauxhawk and I’m not seeing any mullets or super swingey hair. So what was up with that bizarre empanada digression from the commentators during the match? I enjoyed this match, too.

Missed Switzerland v. Ecuador, France v. Honduras

I’m off to the match. More updates to come.

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