Garden 2024

It’s taken me a few weekends but yesterday I finally finished getting the garden in. Today I am sore and creaky all over.

I had previously planted peas and a few greens.

Yesterday I put in two more trellis things for green beans and bush beans. I also spread seeds for greens, carrots, beets and probably a couple of other things. This is the part of garden planting that embraces chaos. I throw out a bunch of seeds and see what happens.

The stuff already growing is potatoes from all the little shriveled potatoes that end up in the drawer. And also maybe some daikon radishes? There were also already a few pumpkins coming in. I tried to let them live but I was also pretty vigorously raking dirt around.

This is the blueberry with the most flowers. The blueberries are kinda small on this one. All the older blueberries have lots of flowers so perhaps this will be a big blueberry year.

The raspberry patch desperately needs TLC but I my decrepit joints need a break today.

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Did You Try the Cookies Yet?

Bob likes to shop at Grocery Outlet. We call it weird foods.

He has picked up some interesting items there that we wished we could have again.

He brought home some cookies in a box that looked like it modeled itself after Girl Scout cookies.

Have you tried those cookies yet?

He asked me a bunch of times whether I tried the cookies. I thought he meant it in a “These are good, I can’t wait for you to try them” way.

I finally tried one.

It was terrible. It’s vegan and gluten free and it’s like eating lightly flavored sawdust.

Turns out, he doesn’t like them either.

I include this photo only because it looks fake or like it was commercially lit for some purpose instead of me running around with my camera trying to capture the daffodil magic.

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Last fall I bought two new blueberry plants.

We originally bought 4 around 2018 but after the great heatwave of 2021 one of them gave up the ghost.

The ones I have aren’t super productive and the birds and I think the squirrels, too, get into them.

When I was reading about blueberry plant care, the articles said that the first year you shouldn’t let them flower and make blueberries and instead let the plant get established. Since I did not know that for the first 4 plants, I wanted to do that for the new ones.

But what does that mean? Do you clip the flowers back? Pinch them?

I asked at the nursery and they told me it was fine to let them flower but if I wanted I could just pull them off. (Actually, every person I have mentioned this to told me it was fine to leave the blooms on.) The new plants are very small and don’t have a lot of flowers and I haven’t decided yet.

For the first time I also pruned the older plants, but not very much. I didn’t realize it took blueberries a while to get established. I thought I would be buried in blueberries so I could freeze some and make jam and we would just have giant bowls full of berries everywhere. Photos of blueberries when I have them.

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Flannel Sheets are the Best Sheets

A couple of weeks ago we had a couple of warm sunny days in a row. I told Bob we should switch from the flannel sheets. I was at work and I suggested this via text.

He texted back that he was already in the process of washing sheets and remaking the bed and we should hold out for two more weeks.

Good thing. We have had plenty of chilly nights since then and it looks more nights in the 30s next week. Maybe we’ll keep them on a little bit longer. I love fuzzy sheets. Or maybe I just love bedding because I like fresh summer sheets, too.

As a random aside, it looks like the Archive page is broken. I do not want to wade into website fixing right now. Or ever. But the archives on the sidebar work in case you need to peruse the archives.

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Repeat Visitors and a New One

Look who came back! I found a giant turd in my garden. Then another one. Then a third one and I knew it was time to check the camera card.

I don’t see how such majestic creatures with a whole night of wandering manage to do so much pooping in my yard. Maybe my yard is their safe space?

The fly through feeder was empty because I planned to put it away for the season but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

While they were hanging out, opossum zipped by and ran home. All these animals amuse me.

This is a first time ever: spotted skunk! This was in NW California at Mom’s.

My sister told me to set up the camera behind the trailer because she had heard activity. This was the first time I’d ever seen a spotted skunk. They are hilarious and really cute. But this guy is also making a mess in the trailer innards. Hopefully we can get it to relocate.

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Comes In Large

I have been drinking the tea on the left for probably decades.

The first time I tried it, we got a sample at some hippie jam band festival. “This tastes like dirt,” I announced.

But then one of my yoga teachers talked it up and I tried it again and it stuck. I don’t drink it in any traditional style. I use the tea bags at work and for the travel mug. At home I use the loose leaf.

Sometime around the pandemic it became harder to get. My market dropped the tea bags and I couldn’t find them at any other market. Also it became more and more expensive. Then I couldn’t find the loose leaf at the market, either. I started ordering a 6 month supply online.

Last week, when I went to make a new order, I couldn’t even put the loose leaf in my cart. So, I opened my search engine and searched for “teas like [the one I like].”

And a whole world opened up. I found a forum and took notes and went back online to make my order. For the price of my old little yellow bag, I ordered a new kind of loose leaf and a new kind of tea bag.

I opened my delivery box to that GIANT bag of loose leaf. “I hope I like it,” I said. My market has another brand of yerba mate but I don’t like it.

Good news: I had it this morning and it was terrific. Also good news: this will last me forever. It’s so big I don’t even have a good place to put it. It’s in the laundry room at the moment. I will try the tea bags tomorrow.

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The Tale of the Missing Cat Food

After a delivery, Mom threw a couple of bags of cat food on top of the cabinet. But look: only one is there now.

There were ongoing issues with animals getting in the garage and getting into the cat food so everything was moved upstairs and the shenanigans seemed to have stopped. Or did they?

The next morning there was evidence that some little rascal had found the delicious treat and unsuccessfully tried to take it home.

I thought I heard something but I was half asleep and didn’t want to get out of bed. Later the cat was crying and I had to get up and let him in. “Why didn’t you use your door?” I scolded.

His door was blocked.

Later, I cleaned up the spilled cat food and stashed away in a closed cupboard. One of the neighbor dogs was kind enough to help me out.

Could these be the culprits? My sister said she was hearing noise around the trailer so I set up the camera and these too nervously crept by.

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Elk Crossing?

I don’t know why this video looks like this. Don’t subscribe. I don’t make content I just put videos up now and then. I don’t know how to fix it and do not want to problem solve right now.

One of my best wildlife sightings ever. This was yesterday morning driving home from Orleans.

Today I did yard work and as always, my first yard work day of the season means I am so tired I can barely lift my arms above my head.

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Time and Tilt

A couple of years ago I found these big xmas lights in the xmas box. They were too much for the tree but I draped them over this cabinet. Even then they were a bit much so I unscrewed light bulbs until I had it at the level I wanted.

Turned out, I liked having this source of lighting better than a lamp. In the evenings when I watch TV I like a little bit of light and this is just perfect.

Later I put it on a timer so it comes on for a couple hours in the evening and is timed to go off right at bedtime. And it comes on for an hour or so in the morning.

As the light changes with the time of year, I adjust the timer. As we head into winter I add more and more time and as we move back to summer I change to shorter and shorter. In June we don’t even use it.

If you look in the background of the top photo in the very top left, you can see the little lights I have on in my room. I like little lights.

I am headed down to Orleans to visit Mom and check out the scene down there. Photos when I return.

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Jelly Belly

This is my single blooming daffodil — all by itself, shivering out there among the birdfeeders.

I have this vague memory of being in a store I don’t normally go to and them having almost a half-aisle of Jelly Belly varieties. I remember thinking: I need to come back here when I have more time to pick out my favorites. I haven’t had Jelly Bellies (Is the correct plural Jelly Bellies?) in a long time. Is it weird I think of them as “healthy” candy?

But later, I tried to remember where this was. What is a store I don’t normally go to that I’ve been to lately? I can’t think of it. Or logically: what kind of store would have so many Jelly Bellies? I don’t know.

Did I dream about an aisle of Jelly Belly candy? If so, what a strange, random dream.

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