The Other Bear

I’ve been wanting to catch a bear on my trail cam every trip to Orleans. If the clip from last week wasn’t so fantastic, this one would be my favorite.

(Still in class for 4 more weeks. Super demanding but I love it.)

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Check Out This Big Guy

We saw lots of bear paw prints on the river bar below Mom’s house. I was hoping I could catch one.

This is from Mom’s yard. My favorite clip I’ve gotten so far.

Still taking a class and up to my eyeballs trying to keep up everything.

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“Security Breach at Sugar Pine Suites” up at Apex Magazine.

I have another story published this month in the Indigenous Futures issue of Apex Magazine, edited by Allison Mills.

The story is called Security Breach at Sugar Pine Suites and features a rebellious housekeeper, a washed up boybander, and a cranky supervisor on an NDN casino, IN SPACE.

The issue main page is here.

Link to the story is here.

You can purchase the entire issue here.

AND! It is also available as a podcast here or you can find it on your favorite podcast app.

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Story “Obstruction” in Fantasy Magazine this Month.

I have a story in Fantasy Magazine this month. It will go up on October 26.

Information on the issue here.

Subscription information if you want to get your hands on the entire issue now is here.

I am taking a class right now and ignoring all non-essential activities. See you at the end of November. (Not sure what I’m going to do about November blogging. Maybe photos.)

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Count the Cars

There’s a Popeyes and a Dutch Brothers drivethru on the way to my dad’s.

We always count the cars.

If it’s evening, Popeyes is always full. It’s a long line for the drivethru, too.

Dutch Brothers is almost always full. There is no rhyme or reason. Hot outside? Huge long line. Dinner time? Huge long line.

They have young people outside with ipads and the line is divided and funnels into one lane. It’s a miracle if there’s only one or two cars.

I don’t like to go through a drivethru window. When I was in high school I worked the window at Jack-in-the-Box and on beach days it was INSANE. I’m still not recovered.

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Five Yellow Buses and Other notes.

More raccoons!

These are notes from when I drove to Orleans at the end of July:

Driving down I saw a guy in a fishing hat, standing in the middle of a field reading.

At one point I could see a little yellow bus in my rear view mirror.

As I drove on, slowly, the bus drew closer to me. And there was an identical bus behind it.

All together there were five buses, evenly spaced, slowly but surely gaining.

It was like something from a horror movie. I don’t know what the horror was, it just felt eerie and off.

Later the road split for construction so I was on once side of the concrete barrier headed for the state line and the little yellow buses were exiting the freeway and they all drove by, headed to scare someone else.

My other note was that America is recreating! I saw every possible size shape of RV or camper, all strapped with either some type of floatation device or some type of wheeled conveyance (motorized and not.)

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The Biggest Mess

This is Vancouver hometown gal, Jordan Chiles, silver medalist on the women’s gymnastics Olympics team. She got a parade and bagpipes and the Mayor gave her the key to the city. It was the most wholesome, wonderful Vancouver moment.

My photos are the biggest mess. I have so many I intended to post and now so much time has gone by. Plus I need to go through them but it’s too overwhelming — I have a terrible system so there are duplicates and more duplicates. And I’ve saved so many critter videos that I think I will want to post later that those are out of control, too.

Probably for November this year I will just do photos so maybe I can get a grip then.

Speaking of getting a grip, at the moment I am reading a book on my nightstand, a book on my ereader, listening to an audiobook, critting a novel and I’m thinking about, and taking notes for, three different long writing projects.

I normally never do this. I’m not going to lie. I get the stories a little bit mixed up sometimes. I don’t know why I’m doing it now. That’s just how it worked out.

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The Stolen Covers Situation

When I go to Orleans I always use boxes in the car to help me organize my stuff. Oakey liked this box a lot. When I got ready to leave he glared a lot which he does anyway but I could tell there was extra glaring.

I guess I never posted it here but a couple of weeks ago it was my 25th wedding anniversary.

Wow, hard to believe.

We have never had a serious cover stealing situation in all this time. Until recently.

I don’t know what Bob does but somehow he manages to get a big armful of covers and then he turns over to his side of the bed. Night after night I am clutching the corner of the duvet, angrily yanking it back or waking with only my pillows to keep me warm.

No amount of whining has changed this. He says he can’t help it, he’s asleep.

I finally got out a blanket that is folded and only on my half of the bed.

If that’s the worst problem after 25 years, we’re doing just fine.

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Water Bucket Is Back Again

This raccoon is hilarious. Look how warm it was out there at 3am. I woke up a few times last night and it felt stuffy.

I put the bucket away a couple of times in hopes of getting Stinky to move away. So far he has resisted all my attempts. I have motion lights out there and I have one clip where it looks like he’s frolicking under the light. My neighbors across the street have a motion light and I woke up at 5am the other morning and that light went on so I peeked out the window and I think I saw some Stinkys playing on their lawn. It was dark and my eyes are terrible so I can’t be sure. I could have been their cat.

We’ve also had bunny, opossum, and coyote in the past week so our house remains popular on the tour.

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The Good Ship Clusterfukatonia

Noah the cat that lives next door, captured in this photo, September 2017

So, if you tried to visit this website over the weekend you might have noticed that it was completely wrecked.

There’s a story behind that which is hard for me to explain but basically there is this thing I need to do for security that has been on my list to deal with for at least 2 years, probably longer.

Church in Missouri where a particular type of silence is required, August 2016

I felt that the time had come to finally deal with this.

I opened up a “how to do this thing” article online and it looked too easy to be true and I did feel a vague sense of impending doom but also reckless optimism which was followed by regret only a few short minutes later.

Then I realized that I did Step 2 before I had done Step 1.

Unfortunately, at that point I could not access my dashboard so there was no way to undo what I did.

Kira birthday cupcakes that made my digestive system incredibly sorry, September, 2015. I should clarify it wasn’t the cupcakes themselves but the quantity. I think I ate 5 over a three day period.

My webhosting has good support, even for people like me who aren’t good at technology but it took several steps like going to this other dashboard that I forgot even existed but thank the flying spaghetti monster I still had the password and then refreshing and thinking good thoughts.

But that didn’t work and when we got to the next step it became apparent that my skills were not going to cut it. I’m sure it was an easy thing to do but at that point it was easier to pay someone $20 to do it than for me to read through 10 screens of things I don’t understand and take a chance of doing it wrong again and making it worse.

So it is working now but also I am afraid to click anything in my website dashboard now.

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