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Hey There, Stinker

This morning I got up and saw the bucket was turned over so I brought the camera card in to see who the mischief maker was. There is no clip of the bucket toss, instead there was this.

I have never seen any sign or hint of a skunk in our neighborhood.

What next!?! I can’t wait to be surprised. I hope it’s Bigfoot.

Did I ever write about my dilemma with old letters?

Hm, well I just did search and turned up a brief post from almost 20 years ago about this very same box of old letters.

I don’t hang on to a lot of stuff but I have a hat box of old cards and letters. Some from friends, old boyfriends, family.

I was looking at the old boyfriend letters and trying to decide what to do with them. I do not want them. I do not want to throw them away. I thought I might read them and then throw them away and after one paragraph I do not want to read them.

At some point in time they will be trash, why not now?

Maybe the next step to death cleaning is to hire people to throw away things you know you don’t want but don’t want to be responsible for trashing yourself. (See also: ancient stuffed animals.)

I tried an experimental exercise and chose a few letters from a guy I met in Cancun in 1989. The letters are HILARIOUS. Not in a cringey way but in a — this guy was clever and funny. I can’t throw them away. I don’t need to keep them.

I have no answers.

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Keeping You Well Informed

After joking about accidentally erasing some of my zillions of photos, I accidentally erased a bunch of tulip photos. The tulips are looking a little grim at this point so this may be it for tulip photos. Which is hilarious because how many tulip photos doI need?

Normally this tree looks pretty for about 30 minutes and then it rains and the wind blows and that’s that. This year it looked lovely for days. We both commented we couldn’t remember when it looked so pretty. It still looks nice as the flowers fade.

I bought a gadget online and they sent me a total of 10 emails for the transaction starting when they got my order and finishing when it was delivered. I’m surprised it’s only ten because it felt like a lot more. Still, 10 is at least 7 more than I need. I don’t need to know when it’s out for delivery especially since that seems to be a meaningless phrase.

Sometimes they tell you it’s out for delivery and you don’t get it for days.

Did I ever write about my kickstarter I did? It was advertised as perfume that smells like space. Here’s a story about it. It was only like, $30, and some of the money was supposed to be donated to stem programs.

It never arrived. If you go to the kickstarter page you can still buy it, the price has gone up and there are thousands of furious comments from people who never got their eau de space. I thought the comments were sort of hilarious – “I hope these scumbags rot in hell.” Someone else suggested a class action suit.

I can’t believe they can still collect money for this. What a great scam. It’s not worth my energy and aggravation to pursue any further. I paid $30 for nothing. How many lessons do we learn in this life that cost more than that?

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Surprise New Visitor

Check this out — a coyote in the backyard. I know we have them in the neighborhood but never thought we would have one in the yard.

I worried about bunny but he showed up the last two nights so he’s okay for now.

There are additional clips here. You can see him check out that hole in the hedge — I’ve seen all the critters: raccoons, oppossum, bunny, and cats disappear in there.

Gorgeous day out. I am going to do yard work.

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No News to Report

I love looking out my kitchen window this time of year.

On one of the warmer afternoons I sat out there for a little while and fed the blue jays. Sometimes they will come pretty close. Other times they’ll just sit there and watch from the wire.

I didn’t check the wildlife cam for a week It didn’t look like there was much going on out there.

I was wrong.

I checked this morning and all the usual characters have been through. Bunny is the most hilarious because sometimes I can just see his glowing eyes jumping up and down. The same raccoon duo with the damaged tails.

There’s definitely one opossum. I never get two in the same shot but sometimes it seems like the clips make more sense if there is more than one.

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Wildlife Update

I set-up the wildlife cam to get some blue jays. This one is rage eating the sunflower seed chips because all the peanuts are already gone.

They are really cute but I’ve already created a monster. They hop around on the back porch screeching for their peanuts early in the morning.

So many hilarious clips including several with me in the window, trying to get a good view of what they are up to.

Obligatory shot post ice storm. Ice storms are terrible and really pretty.

The only sign of raccoons since the bad weather started. Someone took a little detour.

He dug through the snow and ice for a drink. Sorry I didn’t get it but I had the camera set up for blue jays.

Little paw print and looks like a blue jay up in the corner, too.

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We Need to Organize the Sausages

This morning my husband told me he needed a chance to talk to me about organizing the sausages.

After we finished laughing he explained that he bought a variety of sausages when he was at the meat market and he needed to break down the package and wanted my thoughts.

I couldn’t think of any feedback I had on this particular topic so I left him to handle it on his own.

I’m trying to make friends with the blue jays that nest in the hedge.

The other day I saw one out on the power line and I went out and set two peanuts on the top of the fence. The bird flew away but I watched from the kitchen window and it eventually came back for them.

Yesterday I saw the blue jay on the line again and I went out there with two peanuts. It flew away.

By the time I got in the house a fat squirrel was sitting on the fence stuffing its face with one peanut and hovering over the other.

I kept watching and the blue jay came back. It perched on the line for a second, looking down at its peanuts and dive-bombed the squirrel. It landed on the fence and kept squawking and the squirrel ran away with one peanut leaving the second peanut for the blue jay.

One of the best shows I have seen in months.

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Tuber Wads

I generally don’t dig my dahlias because it’s a giant pain in the ass and I’m too lazy to properly follow through so they usually get moldy and/or shrivel up.

When I was cleaning up the backyard I dug up two plants that hadn’t produced flowers in a couple of years intending on tossing them. Then I saw the tubers and thought maybe I’d save them and try replanting them in the spring and see what happens.

I watched a dahlia digging video and learned a lot. Too bad I didn’t watch this 15+ years ago when I first started growing dahlias. I’ve been doing it all wrong. And I did it wrong again because I dug them too early.

I’m sure they’ll be fine. I’ve had moldy bulbs sit in the shop over the winter in a big pile and then I planted them and dahlias grew.

The above is from these pink dahlias that are so hearty it’s terrifying. The only reason I dug these up is because they were bursting up out of the ground. That thing was really heavy and hard to break apart.

I still didn’t do it exactly how the video showed but I suspect I will still get flowers.

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Tomato Soup

I didn’t get enough tomatoes to make soup but I was gifted tomatoes from Melonie so I made this Deborah Madison favorite.

Saute some shallots in butter. Cut up your tomatoes and put them in the pot with salt. Let them slow cook all afternoon.

Whir with the stick blender. Strain into a new pot. I often skip that step. I add a plop of cream.

It’s some weird trick of the light but this photo look like there’s a golden lump in there.

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Raccoons Still Busy Out There

I put the bucket away and moved the camera closer to the house. I figured I would see much. I was wrong.

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October Garden

My computer situation has become a big enough pain in the butt that I bought a new computer. Normally I would pick up my computer at the Apple Store but there is no Apple Store downtown right now. When I purchased it, it was supposed to be delivered next month.

Then I received notice it would be delivered on the one day neither of us would be available to be here.

This is the flower area. It still looks pretty good.

My notice said I could click to make adjustments to my delivery. I clicked and was sent to a page that confirmed, yes, I was scheduled for a delivery and if I need to make adjustments, I should enter my numbers and click here. I entered and clicked and was sent to a page that said, yes, deliveries are a thing that happen and to click here for more information about my delivery. It sent me back where I started.

I had to phone.

I picked every tomato I thought had a chance of turning red. Also: oh my, that window. It seems like everything is extra gross since the smoke.

If you’ve called any customer service line recently, you already know that a robot makes you talk to it and says it can understand full sentences and then it understands nothing and just gives you information that you already have. Once I got through to a person, TylerJustin he said I really needed to talk to UPS because it was in delivery mode now.

I talked to the robot at UPS who was convinced I needed a pick up and no matter what I did, she tried to get my address so she could schedule the pick up. I yelled at her until she reluctantly sent me to a real person. Oh, but my computer is coming from overseas, did I want to be transferred to the international UPS customer service?

Why the hell not?

Here’s what happens if you empty an old envelope of “assorted squash” into your garden and rake it around.

That person helpfully let me reschedule gave me a 13 digit case number.

Two minutes after we finished my cellphone rang and local UPS told me that they couldn’t really reschedule but we could leave a note on the door to tell the UPS driver not to leave it if we weren’t there.

Maybe this could work. But also, maybe not. I don’t trust anyone to do anything right in 2020.

We talked some more and we were able to arrange for the computer to be held and we will pick it up.

I would end on a triumphant note but let’s see if this all goes to plan first. I will report again in a week or two.

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