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Repeat Visitors and a New One

Look who came back! I found a giant turd in my garden. Then another one. Then a third one and I knew it was time to check the camera card.

I don’t see how such majestic creatures with a whole night of wandering manage to do so much pooping in my yard. Maybe my yard is their safe space?

The fly through feeder was empty because I planned to put it away for the season but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

While they were hanging out, opossum zipped by and ran home. All these animals amuse me.

This is a first time ever: spotted skunk! This was in NW California at Mom’s.

My sister told me to set up the camera behind the trailer because she had heard activity. This was the first time I’d ever seen a spotted skunk. They are hilarious and really cute. But this guy is also making a mess in the trailer innards. Hopefully we can get it to relocate.

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The Tale of the Missing Cat Food

After a delivery, Mom threw a couple of bags of cat food on top of the cabinet. But look: only one is there now.

There were ongoing issues with animals getting in the garage and getting into the cat food so everything was moved upstairs and the shenanigans seemed to have stopped. Or did they?

The next morning there was evidence that some little rascal had found the delicious treat and unsuccessfully tried to take it home.

I thought I heard something but I was half asleep and didn’t want to get out of bed. Later the cat was crying and I had to get up and let him in. “Why didn’t you use your door?” I scolded.

His door was blocked.

Later, I cleaned up the spilled cat food and stashed away in a closed cupboard. One of the neighbor dogs was kind enough to help me out.

Could these be the culprits? My sister said she was hearing noise around the trailer so I set up the camera and these too nervously crept by.

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Time and Tilt

A couple of years ago I found these big xmas lights in the xmas box. They were too much for the tree but I draped them over this cabinet. Even then they were a bit much so I unscrewed light bulbs until I had it at the level I wanted.

Turned out, I liked having this source of lighting better than a lamp. In the evenings when I watch TV I like a little bit of light and this is just perfect.

Later I put it on a timer so it comes on for a couple hours in the evening and is timed to go off right at bedtime. And it comes on for an hour or so in the morning.

As the light changes with the time of year, I adjust the timer. As we head into winter I add more and more time and as we move back to summer I change to shorter and shorter. In June we don’t even use it.

If you look in the background of the top photo in the very top left, you can see the little lights I have on in my room. I like little lights.

I am headed down to Orleans to visit Mom and check out the scene down there. Photos when I return.

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The Mouse Situation

Here’s what the Klamath looked like on May 21st. It was pretty muddy and moving fast.

I wrote earlier about finding signs of a mouse in the shop. I had a video, too, but I guess I posted that to Instagram.

I cleaned up everything that a mouse might like and packed it away and didn’t worry about it again.

For a long time there was no sign of a mouse.

Here’s a picture from October 2021 for comparison.

Until there was.

There was a dead one at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. I went down to tell Bob something and said: HEY! There’s a dead mouse here.

Oh, he said. I didn’t see it.

But then I kept finding mouse poop in the middle of my work table in the shop. At first I thought they were seeds or something. Why would a mouse keep pooping in the middle of the table?

I broke down and bought some traps. I hate to kill things but I don’t want mice frolicking around pooping wherever they want.

I set up the trap in the middle of the table thinking: what mouse would get caught in the middle of a table?

Next day …. And it had a surprised look on its face.

We caught 4 mice in 3 weeks. That seems like a lot. I think the bird feeders created a fun environment for them. Hopefully the word is out and they have moved back outside.

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Roaring River

Salmon River, Blue Hole. May 21, 2023.

For years and years Blue Hole was our swimming hole on the Salmon. But at some point, because of changing water pattern or high water, the shade dwindled to almost nothing. We had to lean against some willows to catch a break from the sun.

I also felt like you went and had a nice swim in refreshingly cold water and then had to hike up the hot bank and crawl into a scorching hot car and that undid the whole point of going to the swimming hole. I can’t remember the last time I swam down there.

When I was in Orleans the Klamath was high and frothy (photos to come) and I asked Mom if she wanted to take a little drive and see what the Salmon looked like.

Too bad I don’t have any good Blue Hole non-spring photos handy. I think I have them non-digitally in a box somewhere.

During swim season it is slow-moving, bright-blue water.

Look at this wide, muddy froth.

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Another Poor Trip Log, Different Trip

Just hint of the unfathomable destruction from the Slater Fire (2020) from our view driving over Greyback Road. There are no words. I was stunned and the further we drove, the worse it got. There are spots where as far as you can see, there are just sticks — the remains of the trees are just sticks. You can’t even believe it’s real. There were moments when it looked like bad CGI. So heartbreaking.

The weekend after we went to Chicago we went to Orleans for a family wedding. On this trip I also took few photos and fewer notes.

(photo by Aileen Wilder, amateur Photoshop by me, hehe)

The wedding was beautiful and fun and a wonderful celebration but also very rainy with mud. It was great to be with family and so fun to see all the kids having such a great time together.

(photo by Bob Hughes)

The canopy was rigged at the last minute using a covering for a greenhouse — but it was magnificent.

Back at the house, the dogs in a rare moment, at rest. Photo and amateur Photoshop by me.

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Check Out This Big Guy

We saw lots of bear paw prints on the river bar below Mom’s house. I was hoping I could catch one.

This is from Mom’s yard. My favorite clip I’ve gotten so far.

Still taking a class and up to my eyeballs trying to keep up everything.

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Surprise Visitor

I brought my trail cam to Orleans and set it up in various spots hoping to capture something fun. I kept getting zero. Not even branches waving in the breeze.

I decided to test the camera inside because the cat wandered around.

Mom and I got up because of a noise so I got clips of our feet walking around. (Do you think a tiny mouse could rattle the screen door?) And I got clips of us letting the cat in.

And I got this surprise clip.

Cat: you have one job.

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It was a 4 Bear Trip

I was in Orleans for just over a week and I am still playing catch up.

I saw 4 bear on this trip which is a world record.

This was not the bear I saw. (Yikes! What big feet you have!)

These photos were taken on Dolan’s Bar.

We saw 2 bear (1 black, 1 cinnamon) on the float trip between Persido Bar and that take out that’s under the bridge (Stuart’s?). Both times they were scampering up a steep mountain face. There was a third bear but I did not see it, only heard it.

I left Sunday morning at 5:30am and I saw two more bear on the road between Orleans and Happy Camp. Same thing, one black, one cinnamon. One scampering up a steep mountain face and the other bounding across the road. If I had a dash cam I would have a picture.

I have so many updates and scribbled notes and I am not feeling super energetic about sitting at the computer.

Possibly some more updates or a few photos or something to come.

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Orleans Trip October 2020

We were originally going to go to Orleans at the end of March. Clearly that didn’t happen.

Then we were going to go the weekend after Labor Day which was the week with so many terrible fires.

Then we picked another weekend when but a there was a giant rain storm in the forecast. The rain is much needed, but I didn’t want to drive all that way and then sit in the house.

We finally made it happen.

The weather was perfect: 84 degrees in the day but cooling off at night. It was a little bit hazy from the smoke but not terrible. One night we came home from dinner and we got out of the car and looked at the sky and all three of us gasped because the sky was so clear and there were so many stars.

I was curious whether anyone had seen Starlink. Auntie said she’d seen it but it wasn’t visible while we were there.

We cleaned out all the empty canning jars to pass on to canning households. Mom said her canning days are finished.

Also, I think it depends on where you are and what you are looking for but canning supplies have been scarce this year. Mom had an unopened box of wide mouth lids. GOLD!

This cat always looks like it wants to kill you. He was stalking birds in the garden and I scared them away. He apparently thought this meant I was too stupid to hunt birds for myself and on two separate occasions he very helpfully brought me a live bird still flapping in his jaws while he meowed begging to be let in.

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