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Party Mix!

I didn’t realize there were so many variations of the party mix made from cereal. I wish I could ask about the origins of the recipe name, “Some.” Looks delicious. I can’t eat crunchy things with my braces so I’ll have to wait for next year.

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All The Puddings

Look at all these pudding recipes from the really old cookbook.

Carrot pudding! Kinda tempting.

The Internet says hard sauce is more like a spread.

And look at this Indian Pudding – how not P.C. (I’m not offended.) And it calls for Indian meal which must be corn meal. Just for kicks I put “Indian meal” in my search engine and came up with Tandoori Chicken and Aloo Gobi.

Loretta is Bob’s great aunt, also known as Lolla.

I feel like I tried a variation of this recipe once with not good results.

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More Classic Priscilla Cookies

Another classic Priscilla cookie recipe that she made certain I had. I want to say that I’m inspired to try some of these for Christmas, but probably not. I’m ready to cook Thanksgiving dinner but beyond that, I’m in one of my “the less time in the kitchen, the better” moods at the moment.

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When I first started going through these recipes, I noticed the typos. We don’t see typos like this so much anymore. (although these days there is an aggressive disregard for proper spelling in casual communications but no need to go into that here.) But back when Priscilla and her mom were typing these recipes, the only way to fix a typo was to start over. According to the Internet, liquid paper wasn’t invented until 1956.

I love that this was for birthday cake. Sounds like angel food cake — the part with the eggs is confusing. Probably intends to say just egg whites.

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Great Aunts

Lottie (Charlotte) was Bob’s great aunt.

I learned that one of these cookbooks was Priscilla’s mom’s. Lottie was the mom’s sister-in-law.

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I don’t get mincemeat. According to the Internet it was originally a way of preserving meat. In my limited experience, it is not my thing.

I love the idea of caramel pie but just looking at that recipe makes my teeth hurt.

I’m not much for meringue either and the few times I’ve tried it I wasn’t successful. I don’t like recipes that challenge my self-esteem.

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Now A Break From Our Sponsor

According to the Internet, Montgomery Ward was founded in 1872 and went bankrupt in 2000. The brand was acquired by another company and you can still buy stuff from them online including freezer chests. But none as fine as this one.

I love the storage period for sandwiches. Have you ever thrown a sandwich in the freezer?

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I am always looking for new ways to make zucchini and I’ve never tried this one. I’ll probably use butter but half that much. Next summer.

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Brown Rice and Chicken

That little folded over flap…

This recipe looks very familiar. I’m pretty sure my mom made a version of this and I recall being a fan.

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Which Was The Favorite?

I picked this page just because obviously it was well loved. I have so many questions. What’s a slow oven? Is that “3 T cocoa” on the applesauce cake recipe? I love the term “spout pan” — that must be a bundt style cake pan. I think she gave me her spout pan.

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