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2021 Award Eligibility

First ever award eligibility post. It was a big year for me. I had two short story publications this year.

“Obstruction” (4600 words) in Fantasy Magazine, October 2021.

It features a Karuk immortal who ran away, a white-water rafting reality show taking over a sacred site, and a cranky tribal official.

“Security Breach at Sugar Pine Suites” (4200 words) in the Indigenous Futures issue of Apex Magazine.

It features a rebellious housekeeper, a washed-up boybander, and a cranky supervisor at an NDN casino in space.

I’m really proud of them both.

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Fish Hatchery, N. Idaho

This is the Kootenai Tribe’s fish hatchery on the Kootenai River in N. Idaho.

Back when I thought my class was ending before Thanksgiving, I snoozed a bunch of emails and set up a bunch of reminders so I could take care of a few things.

Then over the weekend everything lit up plus every company I have bought something from in the last twenty years sent me an email and it was completely overwhelming.

Next weekend I’ll figure it all out.

Another November finished.

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The Last Leaf of November

Check out Percy with his one little leaf and one little fig. He hung onto that one leaf for awhile.

On Thanksgiving Day I saw a bunch of birds around my feeders so I ran out with peanuts and goodies so they could enjoy a Thanksgiving meal, too.

I scared them all off.

I looked out 15 minutes later and Fat Squirrel had waddled into the picture and was going to town, hiding peanuts and stuffing his little face with seeds.

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When we were in Orleans, the persimmon tree was starting to produce. Mom was in charge and she picked a lot of persimmons. For some reason I thought I didn’t like persimmons but I was wrong. Persimmons are like the fruit you would invent if you could invent a fruit — a cross between a peach and an apple.

Last night I was half-dreaming about these last persimmons. I need to turn them into pulp so I can make cookies. My husband and brother love persimmon cookies.

I did not understand my own goal for NaNo. I thought it was 250 a day but I guess it was more like 400 a day. I need focus Monday and Tuesday if I’m going to make it.

15766 / 17000 words. 93% done!

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Future Squash

I like how the blossom looks like crazy hair. Too bad I didn’t have my googly eyes when I took this photo.

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Name That Color

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Foreign Bread

Bread in the window at a shop in Belgium.

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What Was I Thinking

Every once in awhile when I’m going through my photos I find pictures like these. What was I thinking when I took these and why did I keep them?

Both from Orleans.

I think this one maybe because of that pumpkin — there are a couple of others like this — random tangle of shrubs and trees and a pumpkin.

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Raccoon Family Coming Through

I never spot any critters live.

All the time I will see the time stamps and think: I was awake then. First thing when I get up I go look out the window. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I take a peek out the window.

Finally! The other night I was in the kitchen around 8pm and one of the motion lights went off. Then I spotted a raccoon scooting along the back fence.

The regulars seem to be these three that I think are a mama and her youngsters. Then one that’s always by itself and has a crooked tail. And then one with no tail.

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I watched the latest season of the Great British Baking Show. When it came to the caramel episode I learned 3 things.

The first is that they say it care-a-mell. I’ve always said it car-muhl.

I brought this up with several people who said they also say car-muhl. So I guess it’s an American thing?

The second was more of a realization that the place is Carmel (car-mell) and has nothing to do with caramel.

Third, I have made caramel a couple of times with not great results. One time, I referred to the finished product as “ruin your dental work” cookies. Now I see that it was operator error and that caramel is hard for everyone.

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