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There are Characters Named: Raleigh, Yancy and Stacker

Bob and I watched Pacific Rim last night after dinner. In terms of pure noise and destruction, it was terrific but in terms of anything else it was lacking in a big way. I couldn’t follow the story. (“Wait, so they’re underwater right now?” or Bob: “They can make these fancy robot-things but they still have regular helicopters?”) I read the wiki this morning and turns out it’s about 10 movies I’ve already seen all mashed together.

The other day I said that I’m just getting back into the habit of going to the library. I’m not sure why I stopped going. I think it was a combination of the library moving to a new location and me trying to be more diligent about reading the books I already have before running out and getting more books.

The part about the new library doesn’t make sense because the new library is gorgeous. The parking situation is slightly more challenging or at least that’s how I perceive it.

It also seemed like I could never find what I was looking for and I’ve been resistant to putting books on hold because then I’m at the mercy of when the book is available rather than when I have the time and inclination to read it. Plus then it feels one more trip I have to make.

The yoga studio recently moved close to the library so that’s my excuse to get back into it.

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Let the Spatchcocking Begin

I’m getting started a little later than I would have liked. But then I won’t be able to rush around and be all stressed out before dinner and who wants to miss that?

Hope everyone has a great day!

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Make it Rain But Not Too Much

There are only about 3 months out of the year when we have to worry about watering. And we don’t water our lawn, only the flowers and vegetables.

For the first half of the summer I enjoy it. It’s nice to be outside and wandering around looking at all the plants, checking out corners of the yard I don’t normally look at. And I always think: how could I ever get tired of doing this?

Then there’s the inevitable moment when I switch over to hating it. It always seems to happen in an instant and it happened last night.

Mostly it wears me down on the weeknights. Even to do a crappy job, it takes at least an hour and the traffic is worse in the summer so I get home later than usual. Then I’m rushing around and if anything looks even a tiny bit droopy I feel bad. I just transplanted my cucumber sprouts out there and they are all wilted in the dirt. Wimps.

I only water every other day unless it’s gruesomely hot. But I get all worried when I’m going to be home late and how to arrange my schedule to make sure I have time to do it.

The way the plumbing is outside, there is no way to set up an automatic system unless we open our wallets and get a few guys in here. Plus I think we’d have to tear the deck out in the back because the spigot is half under it. We just deal. It’s not that bad but last night it made me grumpy.

Meanwhile, my weather gadget says possibility of rain later this week and I felt bad being really excited about that.

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The Case of the Missing Cola

We have a dorm fridge at the office. We keep a few Cokes and ginger ales in there. I drink maybe one a month. Co-worker probably fewer than that. It’s nice to have if you want one and if we have guests we have something to offer.

Not too long ago co-worker restocked the Coke and it seems like just a few weeks later it was down to one.

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older is that I have little concept of the passage of time. Sometimes I’ll think of something as brand new and then realize we’ve had it for 3 years.

This week I mentioned to co-worker that we had only one Coke and maybe bring more in. I asked if he drinks Coke when I’m not around because I can’t remember the last time I saw him with one.

He said he thought I drank it all.

At first we thought the cleaning people must be drinking them but it didn’t make sense because if they were going to pilfer sodas, there are probably larger offices where it wouldn’t be so obvious. Plus they would be easy to bust and seems like a stupid way to lose your job.

Now we think maybe it was from when we had a group working on a project in the office and we just lost track.

Keep in mind we aren’t upset about this it was just funny that we both thought it was the other one.

I thought this story would be a lot more interesting when I started typing it but no time to come up with something better. I got to get this day started.

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Sugar Loaf

For a long time I clipped almost every brownie recipe I found. I was always on the lookout for a best recipe. I had the idea in my head that there was a giant range in brownie quality and if I was diligent enough, I would find the magical life-transforming recipe of brownie goodness.

Meanwhile I had a gooiest recipe, a most chocolately recipe, Katherine Heburn’s recipe, Test Kitchen Best Recipe, giant brownie bake-off winning recipes.

At one point I probably had at least a dozen recipes in my clippings, most of which I had never tried.
I finally went through and threw a bunch away because, I don’t make brownies that often (So why was I on the lookout for a life-transforming recipe? It’s a mystery.) and when I do I usually use this recipe (Thank you Keetha) which is always a big hit or else Mark Bittman’s.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that we had somehow accumulated 3 jars of Nutella and much as we love Nutella, it would take us awhile to work through 3 jars. So I got this brilliant idea to look for a Nutella brownie recipe.
I found this one which looks very simple and I was concerned it might turn out mediocre brownies but what the hell, just some butter and sugar and no shortage of Nutella.

They were amazing. They were so amazing I ate THREE! the night I made them and didn’t feel well when I went to bed.

My conclusion is that it’s pretty tough to bake a crappy brownie unless you make a mistake.

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More Bird Art

This morning I gave Bob three choices for dinner tonight. Tacos, chicken simmer or potato leek soup.

He said: It’s Friday. I need one of the meat ones.

I think I wrote earlier that I was going through all my posts and giving them categories or tags or whatever turdpress calls it. I’m also deleting some either because they were accidentally duplicated during the great blogger-hates-you-move your blog debacle of 2010 or because they have nothing to do with anything and aren’t worth saving for historical purposes.

I’m at around 1890 posts for this thing so a special 2000th post celebration should be coming up in 2011.

I’m finding that I’m having good ideas for categories now that I’m in the middle of it. I rarely do a post that fits under one thing. They’re almost always a jumble of things. I made a category called baking disasters but I have a lot of regular kitchen disasters, too. Remember the watermelon waterfall? I also feel like I should have categories called “farking hell” or “fukoladola” because those would be handy when my posts don’t fit under anything else.

I also should have made a category of “organzing” and “I didn’t get anything done” because describing what I didn’t get done seems to be a common thread in these posts I’m re-reading.

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You Can Put A Bird On It And Call It Art

I was going to do a whole series of bird art in honor of Portlandia but I ran out of time. Who knew making art took so much time? Possibly more later this week.

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