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Something Besides Raccoons on a Bucket

I’ve been doing this for how long and I still can’t remember how many “c”s in raccoon and “p”s in opossum.

I saw evidence that there was activity around the shed again so I rigged the trail cam on a bucket so I could move it around easier and I set it up by the shed “door.” ALL THIS WAS FROM JUST LAST NIGHT. First, Raccy stopping by, sniffing around, and deciding this isn’t the place for him.

So, I have a ton of photos I intend to post here (hopelessly out of date at this point) and half-written posts in various apps on my phone and scribbled on tiny pieces of paper. I have a stack of print photos sitting here ready for the scanner.

But I am working on other projects and can’t seem to get it together here. Maybe for daily posting in November. (HAHA, sure.)

Then, Skunky returns! I had a clip of 2 of them earlier in the week but not close-ups. I haven’t seen them in the backyard much this summer. I did have a Bunny appearance one night but not a good enough clip to post. Look at that tail!!

Last, Opossum waddles along and also slips through to the shed burrow. I love thinking of them as roommates, exchaning stories about their nights and what sort of goodies they found to eat.

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Radiology Awkward

I moved the bucket to the back of the yard. Look at these cuties brawling.

I had a test (regular medical thing, nothing to worry about) at the clinic and while I was in the waiting room I had to fill out a form on a clipboard.

Then while I was waiting I read a book on my phone that involves vampires, were-beings, zombies, and a human nurse who is dealing with some stuff.

When the technician arrived she held out her hand and I was so spaced out, I tried to shake it.

She pulls back so then I offer her my elbow. 😂 So then she offers me her elbow and I realize that DOH! I’m supposed to give her my form.

She takes me back to get into the gown and I somehow space out the entire instructions – couldn’t remember open in the front or the back. Left my underwear on.

I told her: I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m normally an A+ when it comes to following directions.

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What is in the Bucket?

A hilarious clip of a unhappy customer.

Bob went to a different grocery store that didn’t have my regular yogurt.

I’m going to interrupt my own story for a second to absorb that idea that I am writing a post about yogurt.

When I used to get back from visiting my parents, I marveled at how much time we spent every morning talking about yogurt. Dad’s yogurt. Mom’s yogurt. This yogurt. That yogurt.

Why is there so much talk about yogurt?

And here we are.

Bob bought the store brand plain non-fat Greek yogurt. I can’t figure out why I hate this yogurt so much. It has no taste. It’s like a non-food. It’s not really bad. It’s just like nothing. Every morning I drag my feet when it comes time to make my breakfast. I only have one scoop left. Let’s never buy it again.

Since we’re here, my favorite yogurt is Nancy’s plain, low fat, purple packaging. I don’t like the sweet yogurt.

I also don’t really like Greek yogurt at all but it has more protein and my doctor is after me about eating protein throughout the day. So I occasionally will eat a 2% Greek but my favorite is Nancy’s.

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Wildlife Showdown!

I got a new fly-through birdfeeder and barely the first night and a raccoon was casing the joint, trying to see what it could get. You can barely see in the back ground.

Bad raccoon!

Then it heard (?) smelled (?) Stinky and came dashing over to see what that was all about.

But Stinky stood its ground with super smooth moves.

There was a full-on showdown but it’s not clear whether anyone won. Mostly a lot of hilarious posturing.

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Blue Jays And The Spool of Destiny


Opossum and bunny have been hanging out in the yard for long stretches of time just sitting there nibbling or whatever they do in the middle of the night. One time I pulled 147 clips from the camera after only 3 days. I love them but it takes a long time to go through 147 clips. Skunky has only shown up once in the last several weeks – I hope that’s not because there’s a litter of skunkies under the shed. Mousey ran through the other night.

Lots of raccoon shots. At least one comes through every night.

The other day I was out in the yard trying to get the spring weed jungle situation under control.

The blue jays recognize me as peanut lady and they hang out on the power lines and fly around my general vicinity to make sure I know they are there.

I put their peanuts on the Spool of Destiny so they were landing there, too.

Who should show up but Noah, the next door cat, strolling casually through the yard. Blue jay flew to the spool, spotted the cat and blasted out the blue jay screech of warning as it zoomed back to the overhead wires.

I called to Noah to leave the birds alone and he came over to me to get petted — the cat who goes out of his way to completely ignore me suddenly wanted my attention.

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The Odd Couple

Here is a clip of Opossum, slipping under the shed.

I have the whole shed blocked off except that one spot because I don’t want to seem welcoming but I also don’t want anything to die under there. The motion light was supposed to discourage wildlife but apparently they think it’s a handy porch light.

For the record I have seen other animals sniffing around that spot: cats, raccoons.

There’s a lot going on here and I’ll get back to it in a second. Don’t let it distract you from watching the porch light come on and a grand entrance from Skunky.

So, do they live together under there? Are they like The Odd Couple? Do they divide the under shed area into “skunk side” and “opossum side.” Are they friends?

I have so many questions.

Back to the clip, we have Raccy getting a little sip and then when Skunky comes out, it looks like something leaps across the lawn and I kind of think it’s Bunny. But it might be another Raccy.

There were several days where I didn’t get very many clips and I thought things had calmed down. No way. Bunny spent several hours one evening tripping off the camera and Opossum did the same thing the night before last.

Edited to add: according to my dashboard — this is post #3000.

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Oops. Time Stamp

I forgot that when you change the batteries in the trail cam, you have to reset the clock.

The camera went off during the day and took close to 500 clips of squirrels with some birds at the feeders mixed in. That’s not an exaggeration. There were almost 500 clips on the camera card. I went out and made the bed and folded a basket of clothes while they were downloading.

We don’t get a lot of crows in the backyard. I want to be a friend of crows but I don’t want to scare off my blue jay friends so I don’t encourage it.

This is a screenshot sampling of the thumbnails from my 500 clips. I deleted about 492 of them.

I haven’t seen a peep from the blue jays in days. Bob said one dive-bombed his head when he was taking out the compost.

I know they nest in the hedge next to the compost so I bet I know what they’re up to.

What an eco-system we have in that hedge.


I always say whenever I get a cold, I always get a cough that lasts a month. It feels like I’m exaggerating but it was 4 weeks from the day I went down sick, that I got through my first day without a cough drop. My body just loves to hang on to a cough.

All good for now. But I’m paranoid that my Fisherman’s Friend supply is so low. Only 2 1/2 bags. I need to stock up. Just in case.

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Like the Drivin’ Rain

After some technology issues and then the crud and more of the crud, I am back in the office full time again. For extra credit: there is a new bus schedule which has more stops and fewer options so I am back to my long days again.

At least I get a nice stretch for reading.

I saw both Stinky and the raccoon trio in real time during the week but different nights. The motion lights were going off and I could see them running around, Stinky at 8:30p and the raccoons at 7:45p.

Yesterday we went to see the Pedro Almodovar film: Parallel Mothers. We loved it. Then we went out to dinner and talked about it and tried to remember the last time the two of us have been out together. We’ve gotten a lot of take out the past 2 years but we’ve only been out once or twice.

The restaurant has an item on the menu that’s a 22 oz. Bloody Mary and the garnish is brisket, a rib, and a sausage. All your hangover needs taken care of.

Bunny visited last night. He was out there for almost two hours, set off both the motion lights and had a good time.

That funny round thing in the lower left is what’s left of the ice I pulled out of the bucket a couple of days ago.

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This Deck Tastes Like Feet

This guy sat out there for a long time before tasting the deck and then wandering into the hedge.

I get a lot of video clips that aren’t clear enough to share. One time I caught a tiny frog on the deck. And then the owl that one night. A lot happens on the other side of the yard. This week I have one of Stinky coming out of his lair and the raccoons hightailing it out of there. Stinky hasn’t come near the house lately. One of these days I need to set up the day cam and get Fat Squirrel and the birds under the bird feeder.

Latest update on Part 1 of the Project of Forever:

22431 / 30000 words. 75% done!

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The Other Bear

I’ve been wanting to catch a bear on my trail cam every trip to Orleans. If the clip from last week wasn’t so fantastic, this one would be my favorite.

(Still in class for 4 more weeks. Super demanding but I love it.)

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