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The Look That Never Grows Old

In 1999 I was in the Meier & Frank downtown when I spotted these Star Wars men’s boxers on clearance. I was mad for Star Wars and thought they would be perfect shorts for me. I think I actually wore them as regular clothes a few times.

They eventually made their way in my pajama drawer for the summer. And I have been wearing them ever since. (Only in summer. In winter I’m all fleece or flannel.)

If you have a rudimentary understanding of how elastic ages then you won’t be surprised to learn that for the last several years, they wouldn’t stay up. I tried sewing the waistbands smaller. I tried safety pins. I tried rubberbanding a clump. Basically I have been walking around with my summer pajamas half off because I did not want to give up my Darth Maul pajama shorts.

Yesterday I walked into Fred Meyer and look what was on sale:

They didn’t have a very good selection and I still hate the idea of throwing Darth Maul away, but I have wearable summer pjs for next year.


The ebook should be available tomorrow. Large online bookseller controls everything and there are steps where they just make you wait and you can’t do anything else until they say okay. I’m in the last phase of waiting. Hopefully I can click “GO” soon. I still need to look at a proof for paperback before I click go on that one.

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Short People Got No Reason

Yesterday at the movie theater they had a display for Phantom Menace 3D.

Take my picture! I shouted at Bob and sprinted across the lobby.

I guess they aren’t expecting many kids to want to get their picture taken.

Bob said: Can you be taller?

Me: I’m on my tiptoes. My calves are cramping. Hurry up.

Then I tried to jump.

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I Was The Only Person There Without A Nametag

The Star Wars exhibit was half completely awesome and half, to paraphrase Douglas Coupland, very Krusty the clown. From the geek perspective it went to 11. Personal highlights included R2D2, C3PO, Darth Vader costume, lightsabers and of course, Luke’s landspeeder which had a giant sign that said “do not touch” and I desperately wanted to touch it but didn’t want to set a bad example in front of the children. The many, many, many children. More on that in a second.

I also liked the wampa and wished I had my wampa with me so I could show it what it would look like when it grew up.

One thing I thought was hilarious was the little video features they had which in a completely straight-faced Discovery channel manner discussed topics such as what drives the economy of Tattooine, how living things can survive the rugged ecosystem of Hoth or the culture and customs on Kashyyyk and the communication limitations of the Wookie.

I also thought they did a pretty good job of creating an actual exhibit from what is essentially a bunch of props. They had interactive stuff for the kids to do: make robots and play with some sort of magnetic thing like pod racing and ride on a hover chair thing. They also padded it out with some actual real life science, for example a section on prostheses. (Remember both Anakin and Luke lost a limb(s). A lightsaber is not a toy.) Also some stuff on transportation and the maglev train, living in harsh weather conditions and current technology and deep space travel. (They say: not happening anytime soon.)

I was there on a weekday morning shortly after opening so I had zero lines but I got a feel for what a ginormous money making machine this must be ($15 adult, $13 child/elder). There was a tent out front with switchbacks for entrance into the museum. More switchbacks inside. You buy a ticket for a certain time and then wait to be let in. I can’t imagine what it would be like on a crowded day.

I know the exhibit is aimed at kids. I knew kids would be there. I underestimated how many there would be and that they would be at the age too big to be cute and too young to have their shit together when they’re out in public. I’m exaggerating a little for story-telling purposes but they were pretty hopped up and bouncing off each other, roving around the exhibit in loud packs and generally oblivious to anyone else that might be trying to look at/listen to something. More than once I’d be standing there watching a video when a kid would come up and hit all the buttons, stopping and restarting the presentation and then wander off again.

Maybe I should clarify that I entered the exhibit shortly after several classes totaling about 100 kids arrived. When I bought my ticket the cashier warned me so I killed some time in a nearby exhibit that happened to be about aging. That got old quick. (ha ha)

Two good moments. During my first attempt (it took 3 tries) to examine the lightsabers a kid, hunched over the display so no one else could see, said “This is stupid. They don’t even have Yoda’s.” Later I was looking at some sort of model for Luke’s fake hand that we see at the end of episode V and two girls walked up and said, “Ew! That is disgusting.”

On the way out I cruised the gift shop (part 2 of the money making machine) but resisted the urge. I barely have a place for all the Star Wars stuff I already have.

Final review: totally worth it.

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Save The Cheerleader, Save The World

I need to be very focused this morning since I’m going to sneak out of here in an hour and check out the OMSI Star Wars exhibit.

Item 1 – There’s rumor that some freezing rain is on its way. Fantastic. I don’t mind freezing. I don’t mind rain. But the two together is an ugly clusterfuk from hell. Earlier in the week I packed up a redrope with work I could do at home and I’ve been carrying it back and forth so if I can’t come in, I can do stuff from home. At the same time, I put my sweats and an extra book and glasses in the car so if I get stuck downtown and have to stay on someone’s couch at least I have something comfortable to wear and something to keep me busy. Twice the redrope has fallen off the front seat and turned out all the papers onto the floor. Also once at home. Maybe it’s trying to tell me something.

Item 2 – Earlier this week I wrote about being both-handed. Last night I was awake between 2 and 4am (not on purpose) and thinking about my Illustrator final project which is an ad for tea. We were given a bunch of photos to use as possible models and I took the tea cup and the tea pot and reversed them in Photoshop so that the handle was on the left. It seemed like it would be easier to draw that way.

Item 3 – Today the NYT food section has an article about fancy cocktails and one of the people mentioned in the article is a “bar consultant.” That’s his job. I didn’t even know that was a choice.

Item 4 – Am I the last person to figure this out? Or the only person to even care? The cheerleader’s dad in Heroes was Steven Carrington. Steven Carrington!

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Movie Rituals

My favorite time to go to the movies is the first Friday matinee. I park in structure across the street where the theater validates and take a spot on the side that faces east and NOT the ramp because it’s too hard to get out of.

The theater is mostly empty. Few employees. The same person who takes my money, tears my ticket and tells me to enjoy the show. I don’t get food or drinks. I sit in the exact middle of the theater. If there are talky looking people in that area I will go higher.

Last weekend I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which I loved more than I expected. I remember when the first one came out. I loved the book and couldn’t wait to see the movie. I remember being with a bunch of kids, perhaps someone’s birthday although the release day was June 30, 1971 which means it wasn’t my birthday but that my memory of seeing it with Scotty and Stacy is probably correct.

I watched the 1971 version a weekend earlier and it holds up okay for a movie made in 1971. I admit to fast forwarding through all the musical numbers. I don’t think it adequately conveyed how miserably cold and poor the Buckets were — it left out Mr. Bucket completely. The 2005 version is more true to the book and wonderful — I don’t know where to start. I liked Johnny Depp’s kooky performance and I loved the addition of Willy Wonka’s back story. Tiny spoiler but turns out his dad is Count Dooku/Saruman.

Also last weekend I saw Must Love Dogs which got dreadful reviews but how many critics are women my age? This is certainly a stupid movie but still satisfying for women around my age or older (who were the only people in the half full room with the exception of two gray haired men who arrived with female companions). While we waited for the movie to start the theater did not show “the 20” (endless commercial pimping various other things to watch or buy) nor did it play any music of any kind. I wasn’t sure if we were being neglected because our demographic would be likely to complain about Mountain Dew commercials at ear bending volume, or if it was because they didn’t want to waste their time playing the stuff knowing we would be unlikely to buy Starburst or Diet Coke or watch a new TV show about a group of large-toothed twenty-somethings grappling with inane problems.

I finally visited Cinetopia a new entertainment complex that opened in east Vancouver. I’ve been reading about this place and was a bit skeptical — it’s an upscale theater where you pay more money for a better quality experience. I was expecting it to show the latest numbnutz action movies and stupid comedies and was thrilled to see they have a variety leaning more towards the small films that I would actually want to see.

The reason I went today is because they are showing um, Star Wars in high definition. That was viewing #9 and hi def is AWESOME. (I realize it is not a small film but who cares? I was a film I wanted to see.)

The theater is fantastic. The auditorium theaters have big snazzy leather seats that tilt back and lots of foot room. While I was there I checked out one of the living room theaters and they have luxury leather recliners with an ottoman for your feet. And after 4pm they lock out minors and you can enjoy an adult beverage served at your seat. I told Bob I want to go there for our anniversary in a few weeks.

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Star Wars Confession

I’m still not in the mood to recreate my train trip post and I still haven’t posted the photos (well, I’ve posted 2 but that happened by accident and I wasn’t in the mood to fix it).

This weekend I continued my bitter project of tossing writing crap. I don’t think my attitude is completely healthy but whatever gets you through. I’m making tons of rooms on my shelves and drawers and getting a tiny smug sense of satisfaction. It reminds of this relationship I had in my mid-20’s that ended with particular tragedy and the guy gave me a cassette of Edie Brickell and something else, I think a folk singer. I *STILL* can’t listen to Edie Brickell. I taped over what he gave me with Megadeth and Racer X.

Petty, childish and strangely satisfying.

Also I cleaned out my closet and I FINALLY hung up the giant vinyl signs that Steve and Denise gave me for the Attack of the Clones DVD sales. I now have a giant Boba Fett that looks over my desk and a giant Yoda and light saber in my yoga handstand practice area. It’s awesome. I hung the Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anakin one in the laundry room. It pleases me greatly that I have better Star Wars stuff than pretty much all the other kids. I have an Obi-Wan bank, talking Yoda, life-sized cardboard C3PO cutout, Darth Vader phone, and R2D2 mini-robot and a photo of me and young George Lucas that was a photo on the wall at a Cafe 50’s type diner in San Francisco. (Mel’s?). I know. Sad but all true.

I also have a moleskine that I put a retro Princess Leia sticker on and I got a great compliment in line at the movies the other day. Also an awesome Anakin Skywalker backpack that Bob got for me in Chinatown in LA. The clerk asked if it was for his son and he said, “No, my wife.”

If Revenge of the Sith is still on big screen this weekend I’ll see it again. It will be #9. I saw (big screen) Phantom 13 times and Clones a mere 7. I saw the special editions on big screen: Ep IV (5), Ep V (3) and Ep VI (3). I have no ideas how many times I’ve seen them on DVD or VCR. I’m not a TV in the background type of person but I often plug in one of those movies when I’m doing an extended cooking project. I watched IV and V the past few weekends — the old “before special” edition and thought it was cool.

I have no idea why I’m writing out this extended Star Wars confession. I feel perfectly healthy and at relative peace with the world.

Also, completely unrelated but I think I’ve discovered my pie crust problem. It’s the fat. I went back to my Betty Crocker recipe this weekend and was extra generous with the shortening and it was about 90% more successful. Yay.

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I did something today that I don’t think I’ve ever done in my life: I had to buy a tampon from a machine in a public bathroom. Previously I have been pathologically prepared for this situation however now that I’m doing this public transportation thing and have to carry everything with me, I have minimized to the bare essentials and I stupidly removed my little bag where I keep things like tampons, hairbands, breath mints and extra lip balm.

First of all: the tampon cost $1. Now it’s been brought to my attention quite a bit lately, that I’m frugal (thrifty, cheap, whatever) but still: I can buy 40 of those for $5. Who can do math? Isn’t that like a 500% mark-up? That shouldn’t even be legal. I guess that’s how the theater makes money.

Second of all: it comes out of the machine and seriously, it is the smallest tampon I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a Barbie tampon. It’s not like I’m plugging the Grand Canyon, but seriously, this shouldn’t have even been called a tampon. It was like a Q-Tip. I paid a dollar for a Q-Tip.

It saved me for the 2 hours I spent watching Fever Pitch which had cute moments but overall wasn’t that great and we all know that was really just an excuse to get to the theater and buy my 9:30am May 19 Revenge of the Sith tickets.

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No Matter What

Bob sent me the URL today for Darth Vader’s Blog. I groaned when I saw it because all these pretend blogs and spoof blogs are old news and usually stupid. Of course I laughed when I finally peeked. An excerpt:

Tonight I have excused myself from the technical debrief of yesterday's assault on Dantooine, opting instead to remain on the bridge meditating on the stars. The force brings to me every whisper of the officers as they wonder at my state. Can any of them know what it is like?

They could never know what it is like to find out you still have a son, a stranger to you, lost amid the squalid systems of the outer rim and counted as a hero by your enemies.

Tomorrow I may strangle General Veers.

Not long ago, when this particular issue was all over the news, I told Bob that under no circumstances was I ever to be kept alive in a vegetative state. If there is anything meaningful in my eyes, it’s because I’m saying: “Teleport me off this rock.” If I can’t eat chocolate chip cookies and guzzle a $10 bottle of Pinot Noir (probably not at the same time), and I can’t handle the remote control or enjoy the sunset, I’m not sure I need to stay in the physical body.

I’m not going to explain my belief system here but I’m certain that what awaits beyond this life is a lot better than a feeding tube and a breathing machine.

That said, I also informed Bob that should anything tragic happen to me before May 19 that he was to keep me alive no matter what, wheel whatever is left of me into the theater, tape my eyes open and once the credits have finished rolling, THEN he may pull the plug.

I went to get a bang trim (this sounds sort of nasty so to clarify: it refers to getting my bangs cut shorter) today and the salon is across the street from the theater where I will be at 9:30am on May 19 to see my movie for the first time and I was so involved thinking about that moment that I almost missed the turn and had to swerve real quick.

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