Traveling with the Wampa

Wampa at Devo

Here’s the Wampa checking out Devo at the Run Hit Wonder. You get him in the right shoes and he can run like nobody’s business.
Wampa helps Erin Move to Utah

Wampa helped Erin pack the van when she moved to Utah. She’s back in Cali now. I heard he wasn’t as helpful on the return trip.
Wampa at High Sierra Music Festival

Wampa loves hippie music. Here he searches for a hoop while checking out some grooving tunes at High Sierra Music Festival with Matt.
Wampa at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof
Wampa loves little sausage sandwiches at the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof.
Wampa outside Billy's Office
Wampa lurks outside Billy’s office but nothing can distract Billy from the trusty handheld.

Okay, I think I’ve wrung about all the fun and games we can get out of the Wampa. I’ve got a post to write about muffins and then I need to get a chicken a roasting. Wampa loves roast chicken.
Wampa Likes Chicken

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