Muffin World

I briefly thought of doing a Wampa / muffin picture. Boy, put muffin into a search engine for images and see what you get.

The Oregonian hired a new food editor about a year ago, Martha. And although she’s never been my favorite I’ve warmed up from somewhat dissatisfied to neutral.

This week she wrote about rescuing the muffin and how the crap [my word] that you see in the coffee houses today is so abysmal. She doesn’t even touch Costco and I don’t know if they even still make those pallets of muffins but I can’t imagine why they’d stop. Ook. You could wring one out, add vinegar and use the output to dress your salad. Those things were (are) nasty. Martha complains about dry, crumbly and too sweet and she’s spot on but also add oily. Should a muffin be moisturizer?

She also touches on the scone, but that wasn’t the theme of her column but I’ll take it on. Jeez, coffee shops make shittyass scones, too. (Not Great Harvest, by the way.) I had one at a, ahem, popular coffee spot one time and it had this hard sugar glaze. Remember those Hostess fruit pies they used to sell at the grocery store? They probably still do. I haven’t eaten one in at least 10 years. I remember the chocolate one was pretty yummy in a slumming it sort of way. But remember that sugary glaze on those things? This scone had that, only hard. Why?

Martha had some recipes and a good idea which is that since muffins are best baked fresh, making the batter and leaving it in the fridge and then baking as many as you need. I’ll have to try that.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, that writing thing went pretty well. It wasn’t any easier and I’m not sure where I’m going with it, but I liked doing it. So there.

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