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Summer Weekend

Still not in the mood to sit here and do the Montreal update. Also, photos still out of control. I must stop taking them.

I always expect to lose the dinner plate dahlias over winter because I hate digging them up and they seem a bit more delicate than some of the others I have out there. I was so happy to see these blooming out there.

This is the neighbor cat following me around while I took pictures of dahlias.

This is a different pink one and just for fun, no Photoshop tweaking except for cropping.

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These Are The Dahlias You’re Looking For

I think I picked the wrong photos yesterday and these are the ones I divided. I’m sure I’ll mix them up before this is all over so really they’ll be surprise bulbs.

Remember last year when I wrote about loving the last place team?

Tonight I am going to my first western conference championship. We’ve got a little hole to dig ourselves out of, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. I will be cheering my face off, and also wearing a lot of layers.

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Bulbs Are Taking Over The World

Remember last time I dug dahlias? It was 2005, you might have not even known me then.

It was a terrible, terrible job and I vowed to never do it again.

But I lost my mind today. I have a few major bulb mounds out there and we’ve had a freeze. It’s been dry and a balmy 50 degrees. Come on, how bad could it be?

Urgh. What was I thinking “dry?” Sure, water is not falling from the sky but the dirt is a robust mud. I don’t know how they do it at the dahlia farm but I fought a giant mass out of the ground and then tried to break it apart. I tried to shake the dirt off.

I got them in smaller pieces and then put the hose on them.

By the end I was wet, cold, my hands muddy little icicles. My pretty shop that I busted ass to tidy this summer/fall had dirt and mud everywhere.

I only dug two plants. The pink.

And the white. If they make it through, and last time I lost a lot due to my terrible care, I will have about 100 to share. Of each. If you live near me I’ll give you some.

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Garden Update

Here’s the crazy neighbor cat. Running over the second I step outside. I was there to take photos of the flowers and garden stuff.

Demanding. She was all whiny and trying to climb up my leg.

“You don’t even live here,” I pointed out.

Later it punished me by ignoring me. Sure, ouch, dummy.

I love this white dahlia. So elegant.

More dahlias. They aren’t quite as pretty as last year. I’m not sure if it’s mild weather or my lazy watering.

Check out one of the prettiest pumpkins. I have a decent pumpkin crop although the fauna has made a gouge in almost every one.

Does this look close to ripe to you? Looks close to me. I think this is the first time in my history that I didn’t get a tomato before September. At this point I’ll settle for anything.

Also: I learned how to make animated gifs today: Bright Dike back flip!.

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Dahlia Update

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Before and After

I enjoyed my flowers more than usual this summer. Maybe because summer took so long to get here.

At this time of year I know the days are numbered and I keep an eye on them knowing that the first cold snap is going to ruin them.

I have mixed feelings about the end of the garden. I love being outside and digging in the dirt. But I also like being inside and not having to worry about the yard.

The flowers are finished. I saw a bit of sunlight this afternoon and thought I should run out there and try to haul off some of the dead stuff.

It’ll be there later.

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Not Going To Last Forever

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Garden Update

I still have plants that haven’t bloomed and I keep finding dahlias I’ve never seen before. I think I say that every year.

Yesterday I noticed that one of my tomatoes (the German lunchbox) was growing so crazy it was pushing its cage over. I propped it up with another cage. We’ll see how that works. I should probably whack back some of the floppy branches on these plants but I’m so greedy I don’t want to.

The cucumbers seem to be major failure. Again. I started about 12 seeds in the house and half sprouted. Then I put them in the ground and half shriveled up. So I started another batch of seeds in the house with similar results. I put them outside last weekend and they are aggressively turning yellow and sad. Next year I’m going to find turbo cucumber seeds and try that.

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One Fine Summer Morning

This morning I got up at 5:30a and went and sat on the front porch. I wanted to enjoy a few minutes of fresh air before the solar fires of hell returned for the day.

The cat from next door was crouched on the lawn. I don’t know its name. One time the cat was missing and our neighbor brought over a photo and asked if we’d seen it around. He was concerned it might be a grease spot somewhere. In my head I think of it as being named Grease Spot. (Turned out Grease Spot was inadvertently locked in a different neighbor’s garage for a couple days.)

This morning GP gave me a look that said: I’m scared of you but also curious why you’re sitting on your porch half-dressed at 5:30am. Also, I’m in the middle of something.

About that time I saw what looked like a giant rat scuttle from under a car. But then it had that funny walk and I realized it was a small opossum. It waddled across the street and then speeded up and then dashed into the neighbor’s yard and under a bush.

Another cat darted after it. I guess this is what the cats do for fun when we’re asleep.

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Clarion West Begathon Week #4 Progress Report

Word Count: 4069
Submission: 1 (see? I’m going to come through)

Previous updates: Week#3, Week#2 and Week #1

About once a year I put together a list and buy a big bunch of spices from Penzey’s. I just got my order this week. Anyone who’s known me for 5 minutes will know that I veer toward the thrifty. Co-worker was making fun of me last week for washing the plastic forks after lunch.

I am a big fan of bay leaves but I’ve had this bag for at least 2 years, probably longer. I figured it was time to just toss these and get some new ones. You can see I’ve barely made a dent in my 1 oz. bag.

I placed my order assuming I was buying the smallest bag which is why I was shocked when I opened the box to find this. It’s 4 oz. in case you can’t tell.

If you know me in the real world, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will arrive at your door shortly with some fresh bay leaves. Also everything in this house from chai to tacos will be made with bay leaves.

When are the tomatoes going to be ready? I’m so impatient. I check them every day. I also have some sort of squash that volunteered. Three times. That’s the wonder of compost, no doubt. I still can’t be sure what shape they are. They look like green ones shaped like hearts.

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