One Fine Summer Morning

This morning I got up at 5:30a and went and sat on the front porch. I wanted to enjoy a few minutes of fresh air before the solar fires of hell returned for the day.

The cat from next door was crouched on the lawn. I don’t know its name. One time the cat was missing and our neighbor brought over a photo and asked if we’d seen it around. He was concerned it might be a grease spot somewhere. In my head I think of it as being named Grease Spot. (Turned out Grease Spot was inadvertently locked in a different neighbor’s garage for a couple days.)

This morning GP gave me a look that said: I’m scared of you but also curious why you’re sitting on your porch half-dressed at 5:30am. Also, I’m in the middle of something.

About that time I saw what looked like a giant rat scuttle from under a car. But then it had that funny walk and I realized it was a small opossum. It waddled across the street and then speeded up and then dashed into the neighbor’s yard and under a bush.

Another cat darted after it. I guess this is what the cats do for fun when we’re asleep.

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