Save The Cheerleader, Save The World

I need to be very focused this morning since I’m going to sneak out of here in an hour and check out the OMSI Star Wars exhibit.

Item 1 – There’s rumor that some freezing rain is on its way. Fantastic. I don’t mind freezing. I don’t mind rain. But the two together is an ugly clusterfuk from hell. Earlier in the week I packed up a redrope with work I could do at home and I’ve been carrying it back and forth so if I can’t come in, I can do stuff from home. At the same time, I put my sweats and an extra book and glasses in the car so if I get stuck downtown and have to stay on someone’s couch at least I have something comfortable to wear and something to keep me busy. Twice the redrope has fallen off the front seat and turned out all the papers onto the floor. Also once at home. Maybe it’s trying to tell me something.

Item 2 – Earlier this week I wrote about being both-handed. Last night I was awake between 2 and 4am (not on purpose) and thinking about my Illustrator final project which is an ad for tea. We were given a bunch of photos to use as possible models and I took the tea cup and the tea pot and reversed them in Photoshop so that the handle was on the left. It seemed like it would be easier to draw that way.

Item 3 – Today the NYT food section has an article about fancy cocktails and one of the people mentioned in the article is a “bar consultant.” That’s his job. I didn’t even know that was a choice.

Item 4 – Am I the last person to figure this out? Or the only person to even care? The cheerleader’s dad in Heroes was Steven Carrington. Steven Carrington!

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