Salad Making

How Euphemism Ruined Discussion of the Tossed Salad

I didn’t eat very much yesterday so I’m starving this morning.

I just read FoodDay and thought every recipe needed to be clipped and tried as soon as possible. Sort of like going to the grocery store hungry.

The feature article highlights three people who donate time cooking for fundraisers. There’s a gumbo lady, a cabbage roll guy and a loukoumades (honey dipped donut hole) lady. I don’t like frying and neither does my digestive system so the donuts are out, but the other recipes are a must try. I don’t like beef or pork very much either so my cabbage rolls will have ground turkey. I bet if that guy knew I was even considering this substitution he’d come to my house and confiscate my cabbage.

As I was reading the article I was thinking of how great it would be to learn to make different kinds of foods standing elbow to elbow with people who’ve been making them for years after learning from their parents. Then I thought about how many of such opportunities I’ve squandered because I was too busy visiting in the other room.

There’s another article on salad dressings. This is another type of recipe that I always clip and hardly ever use. I’m not fond of creamy dressings. I hate bottled dressings for any reason except convenience. I have a standard vinaigrette that I make with slight variations.

I’ve developed a genius salad making technique over the past year. We get huge bags of fresh greens from a local farmer so we have salad almost every day. I make a two serving salad in a shallow bowl and use designer salt and a couple twirls of designer pepper. I throw on a variety of other chopped vegetables and depending on my ambition level, add crumbled cheese, toasted nuts, maybe some dried fruit and possibly some other random leftover that might fit in. Then I drizzle on the dressing and toss until the leaves are coated. Then it goes into serving bowls and onto the table.

Have you ever run into these annoying people who spent a semester in France and can’t stop telling you how brilliant France is because they eat the salad after the entree? Oh, so great, just because it’s France. What if the U.S. served the salad last and France served it first. Would that be the better way? What if Tunisia served the salad last? Would anyone talk about how awesome Tunisia is? I like the salad with the meal.

What I think is wrong is when you’re served a salad heaped in a dinky bowl with a little side serving of separated vinaigrette that you’re supposed to add. No wonder people don’t eat more vegetables.

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