I did something today that I don’t think I’ve ever done in my life: I had to buy a tampon from a machine in a public bathroom. Previously I have been pathologically prepared for this situation however now that I’m doing this public transportation thing and have to carry everything with me, I have minimized to the bare essentials and I stupidly removed my little bag where I keep things like tampons, hairbands, breath mints and extra lip balm.

First of all: the tampon cost $1. Now it’s been brought to my attention quite a bit lately, that I’m frugal (thrifty, cheap, whatever) but still: I can buy 40 of those for $5. Who can do math? Isn’t that like a 500% mark-up? That shouldn’t even be legal. I guess that’s how the theater makes money.

Second of all: it comes out of the machine and seriously, it is the smallest tampon I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a Barbie tampon. It’s not like I’m plugging the Grand Canyon, but seriously, this shouldn’t have even been called a tampon. It was like a Q-Tip. I paid a dollar for a Q-Tip.

It saved me for the 2 hours I spent watching Fever Pitch which had cute moments but overall wasn’t that great and we all know that was really just an excuse to get to the theater and buy my 9:30am May 19 Revenge of the Sith tickets.

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