Movie Tickets

When I was at the theater yesterday this silver Volvo pulls up in front of the ticket booth and parks in the red zone so a lady can buy some advance tickets. This probably bothers me more than it should but what if everybody thought they were too important to use a parking space and had to park in the red zone? It’s not like it’s red for no reason.

So I got in line behind her, silently judging. Some buckethead is sitting in the front seat of the Volvo text messaging — he’s an adult. Couldn’t he drop her off then park or was it going to be too brutal for her to walk 50 feet back to the car? Not like it was raining or the parking lot was full.

She’s wearing a leather coat and carrying an expensive purse. Meanwhile, there’s a couple of kids and mom/guardian type person standing by the ticket window looking at the choices and trying to figure out what to see. Volvo lady is waiting for her card to go through and she turns to one of the kids and holds out a tissue and says, “Don’t worry I didn’t use it.”

The kid takes the tissue and stands there looking at her.

“So you can pick up your gum,” she says.

There’s a fresh hunk of chewed gum on the sidewalk by his feet.

She’s not bitchy about it, more like she’s saving from him from humiliation. “I wouldn’t hand you a used tissue,” she says as she puts her card and tickets in her purse.

The kid picks up the gum and stands there. Volvo lady and her expensive purse stride back to the car.

The mom/guardian says, “Well, throw it away.”

I’m thinking of the lady in the Volvo: you are okay after all.

And here’s what I got:

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