The Look That Never Grows Old

In 1999 I was in the Meier & Frank downtown when I spotted these Star Wars men’s boxers on clearance. I was mad for Star Wars and thought they would be perfect shorts for me. I think I actually wore them as regular clothes a few times.

They eventually made their way in my pajama drawer for the summer. And I have been wearing them ever since. (Only in summer. In winter I’m all fleece or flannel.)

If you have a rudimentary understanding of how elastic ages then you won’t be surprised to learn that for the last several years, they wouldn’t stay up. I tried sewing the waistbands smaller. I tried safety pins. I tried rubberbanding a clump. Basically I have been walking around with my summer pajamas half off because I did not want to give up my Darth Maul pajama shorts.

Yesterday I walked into Fred Meyer and look what was on sale:

They didn’t have a very good selection and I still hate the idea of throwing Darth Maul away, but I have wearable summer pjs for next year.


The ebook should be available tomorrow. Large online bookseller controls everything and there are steps where they just make you wait and you can’t do anything else until they say okay. I’m in the last phase of waiting. Hopefully I can click “GO” soon. I still need to look at a proof for paperback before I click go on that one.

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