More Bird Art

This morning I gave Bob three choices for dinner tonight. Tacos, chicken simmer or potato leek soup.

He said: It’s Friday. I need one of the meat ones.

I think I wrote earlier that I was going through all my posts and giving them categories or tags or whatever turdpress calls it. I’m also deleting some either because they were accidentally duplicated during the great blogger-hates-you-move your blog debacle of 2010 or because they have nothing to do with anything and aren’t worth saving for historical purposes.

I’m at around 1890 posts for this thing so a special 2000th post celebration should be coming up in 2011.

I’m finding that I’m having good ideas for categories now that I’m in the middle of it. I rarely do a post that fits under one thing. They’re almost always a jumble of things. I made a category called baking disasters but I have a lot of regular kitchen disasters, too. Remember the watermelon waterfall? I also feel like I should have categories called “farking hell” or “fukoladola” because those would be handy when my posts don’t fit under anything else.

I also should have made a category of “organzing” and “I didn’t get anything done” because describing what I didn’t get done seems to be a common thread in these posts I’m re-reading.

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4 Responses to More Bird Art

  1. AEJ says:

    I solved the problem by not having any categories.

    Ok, please explain the bird art phenomenon.

  2. Ballard Avenue says:

    I like the vulture on the bridge. My first thought that it was a clever take on the death-to-taxpayers aspect of the new Interstate Bridge project, but then I looked closer (I’m on my iPod here) and saw that it’s the Hawthorne Bridge. Never mind.

  3. Hannah says:

    Ha! I made potato-leek soup for dinner on Friday night! I did not give anybody any other options, though. I did, however, temper it with an apple pie.

  4. Marvin says:

    Mmmm, tacos.

    You’re doing a great job of not getting stuff done.

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