Borrow v. Buy

I left the office at 12:35pm and walked through the door just after 2pm. That ride home was miserable. So happy I don’t have to go back out into that. I’ve got my pie started and I’m making cranberry sauce tonight.

Remember last month I mentioned Tina Connolly‘s podcast Toasted Cake?

On one of the podcasts I listened to, she talked about her book buying habits vs. her book borrowing habits. Here are mine.

For the most part, I only buy physical books that I think I’m going to want to share or I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep. I do sometimes buy cheap used paperbacks of books that I want to write in or can leave on vacation or stick in the Friends of the Library bin.

I’ll buy electronic books of publications I want to support but I’m pretty sure I don’t care about a physical copy. Or if it’s something I want to read and it’s cheap.

I’m just getting back in the habit of using the library and that’s a post for later. But I tend to borrow stuff that I’m not sure about, that I want to flip through or only read portions of, or that would just be too much to have around the house. Mostly non-fiction, researchy type stuff, cookbooks. Or fiction I don’t think anyone I share books with would like. Or fiction that’s still in hardcover.

The first book I got from the library since I returned turned out to be really good so I will probably buy a copy for someone for Christmas.

I still have to map out my game plan for tomorrow but it shouldn’t be too tough. (Famous last words). Last year everything went great except I cut a finger right at the end and was trying to do 10 things at once and apply pressure and keep blood out of the food. I’m going to try to avoid that this year.

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