So Many Things To Be Grateful For

Well, if the morning commute is any indication, everyone has already gone mad. The world’s most mild mannered bus driver honked twice. I can’t wait until Wednesday.

After the whistle blew on Sunday night and we knew we weren’t in the championship I said to ticket partner, look how much money we just saved. The championship match is in Kansas City.

Since I was coming home late on Sunday, I wanted to get organized so it would be easier to get out the door on Monday and I couldn’t find my bus pass.

I’m usually careful with it but the Thursday trip home I was carrying extra things so I’m not sure what happened. I checked all my pockets and the car and the most logical places.

I also called lost & found.

I’d really like to find it but I’m also relieved they don’t have it because the bus customer service center is at the mall and my favorite place (besides the airport) not to go on Thanksgiving weekend is the mall.

I’m going to guess that it’s gone but maybe I’ll find it behind the washing machine this weekend.

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