Closet Flipping Season

I bought some of those vacuum storage bags. You know when you buy something expecting it to change your life but it turns out disappointing in execution?

These are giant zipper lock bags where you vacuum out all the air and it makes more space.

I had envisioned easily-managed stackable containers of my winter clothes and sheets but instead they look like these blobs that don’t fit together. They are also heavier than you’d think.

I’m sure there’s a youtube video with tips by someone named Tammy that would help me out but I have a lot of chores to do and need to get this particular thing done and don’t want to get dragged some rabbit hole of oversold storage improvement tips.

I did get everything in the closet but I’m pretty sure this is the same stuff I’ve crammed in without.

I have to label it because by fall I will forget which sheets go with what and where the pillow cases are.

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