Return of the Tulip Bandit

Here are the tulips right next to the front curb.

Back in the days when I was buying bag after bag of bulbs, I had to get creative finding places to put them.

Now look at this. It looks like someone came by and cut off the flowers.

It doesn’t make sense. If you’re going to steal a flower, wouldn’t you cut it at the stem?

But also who would come into someone’s yard and steal tulips in the days when everyone has a doorbell camera?

I though maybe an animal came by and ate them but wouldn’t that make a bigger mess? Another mystery.

Pretty tulips by the front door.

Anybody remember a long time ago when the tulip bandit clipped some of my good tulips? You have to scroll down to April 18 — I can’t bear to go through the gymnastics to figure out how to link to that post by itself.

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