All The Puddings

Look at all these pudding recipes from the really old cookbook.

Carrot pudding! Kinda tempting.

The Internet says hard sauce is more like a spread.

And look at this Indian Pudding – how not P.C. (I’m not offended.) And it calls for Indian meal which must be corn meal. Just for kicks I put “Indian meal” in my search engine and came up with Tandoori Chicken and Aloo Gobi.

Loretta is Bob’s great aunt, also known as Lolla.

I feel like I tried a variation of this recipe once with not good results.

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One Response to All The Puddings

  1. Kenneth says:

    Steaming puddings looks tricky and I found a couple recommendations for microwaving them instead. I’m sure Aunt Lolla would have done the same had she a microwave.

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