The Mouse Situation

Here’s what the Klamath looked like on May 21st. It was pretty muddy and moving fast.

I wrote earlier about finding signs of a mouse in the shop. I had a video, too, but I guess I posted that to Instagram.

I cleaned up everything that a mouse might like and packed it away and didn’t worry about it again.

For a long time there was no sign of a mouse.

Here’s a picture from October 2021 for comparison.

Until there was.

There was a dead one at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. I went down to tell Bob something and said: HEY! There’s a dead mouse here.

Oh, he said. I didn’t see it.

But then I kept finding mouse poop in the middle of my work table in the shop. At first I thought they were seeds or something. Why would a mouse keep pooping in the middle of the table?

I broke down and bought some traps. I hate to kill things but I don’t want mice frolicking around pooping wherever they want.

I set up the trap in the middle of the table thinking: what mouse would get caught in the middle of a table?

Next day …. And it had a surprised look on its face.

We caught 4 mice in 3 weeks. That seems like a lot. I think the bird feeders created a fun environment for them. Hopefully the word is out and they have moved back outside.

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