Another Raccoon Story

I was at Mom’s a couple of weeks ago and she is having a raccoon problem.

She moved all the cat food and secured anything else a raccoon might get into.

Except these milks. We found this in the yard.

On the complete other side of the yard we found the straw.

I guess that’s why the raccoon had to chew it up.

By the way, the garage smelled like funky wild animal. Raccoons may be cute but they smell.

I had this brilliant idea that maybe we could scare it away with some bells or something on the door.

All I could find was some aluminum cans and I made a pyramid by the cat door.

Cans were knocked over when we got up!

But I set them up the next night and they were knocked over again plus one of the cans was carried outside. I guess the raccoon wasn’t scared.

Mom is reluctant to block the cat door because : what about the cat?

We are exploring some modern cat doors for a solution.

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