It was a 4 Bear Trip

I was in Orleans for just over a week and I am still playing catch up.

I saw 4 bear on this trip which is a world record.

This was not the bear I saw. (Yikes! What big feet you have!)

These photos were taken on Dolan’s Bar.

We saw 2 bear (1 black, 1 cinnamon) on the float trip between Persido Bar and that take out that’s under the bridge (Stuart’s?). Both times they were scampering up a steep mountain face. There was a third bear but I did not see it, only heard it.

I left Sunday morning at 5:30am and I saw two more bear on the road between Orleans and Happy Camp. Same thing, one black, one cinnamon. One scampering up a steep mountain face and the other bounding across the road. If I had a dash cam I would have a picture.

I have so many updates and scribbled notes and I am not feeling super energetic about sitting at the computer.

Possibly some more updates or a few photos or something to come.

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