A Big Bunch of Figs

Generated with AI ∙ October 8, 2023 at 5:45 PM

I worked like mad doing garden related activities most of the weekend but it feels like I didn’t get far. I love being outside and like yard work but it’s always hard and takes forever to make progress.

I chopped up some of the tomato plants after picking everything green that looked like it had a chance. I left a couple of plants out there but it looks like we’re getting heavy rain for the rest of the week so I should have just taken them all out.

I went through all the green ones we already brought in and tossed the ones that were bad and rotated the red ones to where we would see them.

I found enough to roast and we had some delicious sauce last night with some pasta.

I also roasted a tray of red kuri squash because the deer had a sample bite of every single one and I didn’t think they would keep very long.

Other yard things: dug up some ivy and berry vines. Cleaned up a corner of the yard that was compost in ancient times but ended up being a place to toss deer turds and ash from the BBQ and big chunky sticks. Yanked weeds and pulled up icky grass. Moved rocks to the front gravel spot. It was all really hard work but I can’t point to anything and enjoy how nice it looks now.

Things are going to be pretty busy for the next several weeks. Might be a time before I get back to this.

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