Quick Pit-Stop: Atlanta

I could not successfully embed this so you have to click through to YouTube. No time to troubleshoot.

Well now I can’t even link it. What is wrong with me? One more try:

Link to clip of Arky Barking.

This is Arky, short for Archimedes. I don’t think his namers knew him that well when they gave him that name. Here he is letting me know that unless I am giving him treats, he isn’t much of a fan.

He is super adorable which is good for him because he is a fire-cracker and would have been fed to the wolves by now if not for those wide-eyes.

Here he is again in his Halloween costume. Cute little bat dog. He did let me pet him a little bit but only (a) during the process of giving him treats or (b) if he was super tired and his mom was right next to me.

This is Luna. Even less of a fan than Arky. She would growl at me even if I was completely minding my own business. She did hold my hand this one time when I held the cup for her to lick the foam.

This is the whole pack on a library walk. The big brown dog is Clover and she is a sweetie except she doesn’t really like other dogs and can yank your arm off during a walk if you aren’t paying attention. The cattle dog is Millie and she is blind and old and kind of angry about it — but will still snuggle and accept petting.

I just re-read the last post I did about the squash and realized I never finished my thought about the squash seeds out front but I have a couple of very pretty pumpkins out there that haven’t been harvested yet. Details to come.

My other news is that I had my first tooth extraction yesterday. I didn’t love it but it wasn’t as bad as I expected.

During a regular exam my dentist found some sketchy looking areas around one of my teeth. It’s a miracle that the tooth wasn’t causing me problems. Yesterday it came out. I probably would have been fine but I went home and sat on the couch for the rest of the day. I didn’t eat anything except mashed up fruit and yogurt so I’m feeling wonky this morning. I expect once I eat, I’ll be about 99%.

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