Can’t Freeze Dahlias

I knew it was going to freeze so I picked the last of the pretty dahlias in the yard.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one but, — I just can’t get on top of anything. Last week I said: I feel like I’m dog paddling and barely keeping my head above water.

Yup, froze. I told my friend: it’s like if you put lettuce in the freezer. It’s never the same again.

What possible better idea could there by when feeling overwhelmed then deciding to do a modified NaNoWriMo?

Part one of the modification is that I started this month with a goal of 5K.

On October 29, here’s how I’m doing:

2859 / 5000 words. 57% done!

The rest of the plan is 20k next month plus a daily blog post that might be just a photo on some days.

I just ate some Halloween candy that was pure flavored sugar and now my lips and tongue are blue and my heart is racing! I’m off to do some yard work.

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