Asian Plum and NectaPlum in Year 0

I bought two more fruit trees. I knew they were coming in April so I’d mostly prepared the spots where I wanted to put them.

Dang, it is hard digging up lawn.

I finally got the email that said they were on the way. They including links to four (4!) videos for how to plant my trees. That would have been really helpful with my other trees.

I checked my front porch for my trees every half hour on the day they were supposed to be delivered. I had the planting spots all ready to go.

Finally, it was dinner and I was filthy so I cleaned up and as we were eating I heard the delivery on the porch.

I had planned a more elaborate documentary about planting the trees but it didn’t work out. They spent the night in the shed and I planted the next day.

Here they are! The Asian plum has several varieties. I need to map it out before I take all the tags off. The Spice Zee NectaPlum™ is approximately 1/2 nectarine, 1/4 peach and 1/4 Asian plum. Supposedly it’s really pretty, too. I am very excited about my new trees.

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