Garden 2024

It’s taken me a few weekends but yesterday I finally finished getting the garden in. Today I am sore and creaky all over.

I had previously planted peas and a few greens.

Yesterday I put in two more trellis things for green beans and bush beans. I also spread seeds for greens, carrots, beets and probably a couple of other things. This is the part of garden planting that embraces chaos. I throw out a bunch of seeds and see what happens.

The stuff already growing is potatoes from all the little shriveled potatoes that end up in the drawer. And also maybe some daikon radishes? There were also already a few pumpkins coming in. I tried to let them live but I was also pretty vigorously raking dirt around.

This is the blueberry with the most flowers. The blueberries are kinda small on this one. All the older blueberries have lots of flowers so perhaps this will be a big blueberry year.

The raspberry patch desperately needs TLC but my decrepit joints need a break today.

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