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More Raccoons

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The Latest

Two nights ago I got a bunch of great clips of the raccoons playing around the bucket. I found out about another product that might help with the fogging but haven’t bought it yet.

I’m going to save a bunch of these clips for November when I do my post-a-day.

I had an unexpectedly chaotic second half of my day yesterday so I never dealt with the camera or raccoon playground. The card was still in my computer and I had loosened the camera strap with the intention of repositioning it. I never refilled the bucket.

The bucket had been dragged around.

The camera looked like this.

Those little rascals got their hands on the camera. I may wake up one morning and find the camera has disappeared.

In other news: I finally updated my email but whatever I did to back-up the messages did not back-up the inbox. When I’m awake in the middle of the night I fret about this but there’s nothing to be done now.

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We’ve got a new entry into our urban jungle.

I have seen bunnies in the backyard in the past but not for years and years.

I keep thinking I’m going to dial back my trail cam photos but I keep getting fun visitors.

Pogo wandered through, too.

One of the raccoons pulled the bucket down but it’s so foggy it’s not worth posting. The camera gets too fogged up at 4am.

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Wildlife Playing

I guess I have to put the defogging stuff on the camera every day. This is a big commitment to bring you the quality urban wildlife footage you have come to expect.

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Rocket in Motion

The camera takes 10 second clips — I trimmed these a little bit. Poor Rocket moves like a creaky old man.

Tante Irmgard lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Germany. One time when we were visiting her, her balcony was closed for some work that had taken an extended length of time.

While we were there the day of reopening came and she could finally open the door and go outside.

“Like Christmas!” she said.

That’s how I felt yesterday when we could open the windows and see outside again.

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Still Smoky After All These Years

It’s going to get better eventually, right?

How about a raccoon chaser?

Night before last the camera didn’t go off one single time. Last night this one little guy showed up early. Is this Heckle, Jeckle, or a new one?

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Electric Garden

The cherry tomato has been the only super productive plant and it gives us enough for a taste at every meal plus some to bring to Dad.

Staying home more I have learned so much more appreciation for the garden.

Both Bob and I have gotten into the habit of sitting out there with a book. I’m getting more familiar with the individual sounds of the birds and their funny habits. I try to keep the birdbath refreshed for them.

It’s starting to wind down. I know there are potatoes but not 100% sure where they are located. A few carrots and beets.

A lot of Cucurbita.

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Take Care of Just One Thing

There’s this clip from Malcom in the Middle where Hank arrives home to find a light bulb that’s out — so he goes to get a new bulb and the shelf is broken. So he goes to get a tool to fix the shelf and there’s something wrong with the drawer and every step where he tries to fix the problem there’s a new problem.

There’s a version of this that happens when the office is really busy. It also happened recently with the yard.

We had a string of hot days and I need to get my watering routine started.

When we got our fruit trees I learned about watering them with a bucket and I adapted that to other garden areas that didn’t seem happy with my “sprinkle water around for 15 minutes every fews days” method of watering.

I helpfully made arrows to point to the holes and somehow one of the arrows is not pointing at one of the holes. Too lazy to fix.

First, the sprinkler attachment had become fused to the hose so when I wanted to change to the sweeper I was stuck. We needed a new hose and new sprinkler.

Then when I went to get my bucket, it had cracked and as I inspected it a piece broke out. We needed another bucket.

I found an old bucket to take over slow water duty but I needed to drill the holes.

The drill was completely dead and needed to be recharged.

While charging, I ended up dropping everything to go to the hardware store. I bought an expensive hose but damn, it’s light and doesn’t get twisted up so I might replace all our hoses.

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Well, this is upsetting.

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The Grass is Way Greener

These photos are from over a month ago.

Bob put fertilizer on the lawn and then we got tons of rain. He was in the midst of finishing the school year so he had hardly any free time and it seemed like when he could carve out some time, it was too rainy.

So the lawn was abandoned and grew hilariously out of control.

When he finally had time to get to it, it took 2 days.

Friday when I was in the market, Please Mr. Please by Olivia Newton-John came on. I don’t think I’ve heard that song since I was in junior high but I remembered almost every word. Now I have an earworm. I have to include the wikipedia link because that is quite an entry. The song was released by ONJ in 1975. I don’t think I ever had the single to this one. But I for sure had the single to Have You Never Been Mellow.

When I was in 5th grade two of the girls in band learned how to play Have You Never Been Mellow (flute and oboe) and they got to play it at the end of an assembly with piano accompaniment. I was so jealous.

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