Apex Magazine Kickstarter

These two raccoons come through almost every night and have a quick pit stop.

We also identified a new squirrel — definitely not fat squirrel. Must be a youngster because it practically flew through the yard, up on the fence, and then up the roof of the neighbor’s garage.

I still haven’t done anything in the garden. This is my latest start in at quite some time.

Great news! Apex Magazine is doing a Kickstarter to fund a paperback anthology of stories from 2021 including my story: Security Breach at Sugar Pine Suites.

Link to the Kickstarter and more info here

I inadvertently cut editors Jason Sizemore and Lesley Conner out of the photo. I love that cover art and 48 stories. Lots of funding levels. Great project!

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A Few Quick Notes

Another crazy busy weekend culminating in a super busy day. I was gone all day but optimistically jotted down a list of 9 things I thought I could get done when I got home.

HAHAHAHAHA! Luckily I put bathe on the list because I am up for that one and then I am getting in my pajamas and parking on the couch until bed time.

I finally realized that my favorite old jeans are finished. I have been hardly ever wearing them so they would last longer but they are so old they are disintegrating on the hanger. I’m going to put them in the garden clothes pile but I bet they fall apart. Always a tragedy when your favorite clothes give up.

When I signed into my dashboard it said that my privacy policy has gotten about 8x as much traffic as any other part of my site. I’m not sure what that means. Probably people researching and getting ready to sue me because my policy is so half-assed. I don’t know how to collect and exploit data. I don’t how anything works.

I think I wrote about our microwave (we call it the science oven) from 40 years ago died and we got a new one. I don’t love the new one because it seems so hard to press the buttons and it has some quirks I haven’t gotten used to. But it has a rotating dish — we’ve never had that before and also it’s so much stronger — things heat faster. We already broke a plate.

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Blue Jays And The Spool of Destiny


Opossum and bunny have been hanging out in the yard for long stretches of time just sitting there nibbling or whatever they do in the middle of the night. One time I pulled 147 clips from the camera after only 3 days. I love them but it takes a long time to go through 147 clips. Skunky has only shown up once in the last several weeks – I hope that’s not because there’s a litter of skunkies under the shed. Mousey ran through the other night.

Lots of raccoon shots. At least one comes through every night.

The other day I was out in the yard trying to get the spring weed jungle situation under control.

The blue jays recognize me as peanut lady and they hang out on the power lines and fly around my general vicinity to make sure I know they are there.

I put their peanuts on the Spool of Destiny so they were landing there, too.

Who should show up but Noah, the next door cat, strolling casually through the yard. Blue jay flew to the spool, spotted the cat and blasted out the blue jay screech of warning as it zoomed back to the overhead wires.

I called to Noah to leave the birds alone and he came over to me to get petted — the cat who goes out of his way to completely ignore me suddenly wanted my attention.

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Not *Always* A Hit At Parties

Last year the NYT had a recipe for Butter Mochi.

“Tender and chewy, this big-batch dessert — as comforting as cake and as fun as bar cookies — is always a hit at parties. ”

I clipped it and finally tried it around the holidays.

The recipe uses sweet rice flour, something I’ve never baked with before, plus tons of sugar and 2 cans coconut milk.

I felt like I followed the directions but the finished product seemed heavy and chewy and not a texture that I was sure about. It tasted good.

I sent a note to a friend to ask for advice since she has a recipe on her website for Banana Mochi Bread. She was reassuring about my results and even used the words “rubbery” and “not cake-like” to describe this dessert.

Here’s the thing: no one ate it except me. It made a giant 9×13 pan. Even my husband, who will eat just about anything sweet wouldn’t touch it.

I can’t bear to be wasteful so I packed it in the freezer and doled it out a piece or two at a time. I just finished the last one.

(And, I plan to try that banana mochi bread recipe one of these days.)

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Klamath River

I took a little video of the Klamath, in Orleans, while we were on a walk.

A few weeks ago in the evening, my phone went off and the ID was the retirement home

The retirement home isn’t going to call and tell us we won the lottery so my heart was in my throat

The person on the call identified himself and said he wanted to let me know that Dad fell. He wasn’t injured but he had an abrasion that they treated. They checked him out and he could walk so they were not sending him to the ER.

We breathed a sigh of relief and said we’d follow up.

Two minutes later the phone rang again. It wasn’t Dad, it was his next door neighbor who fell.

This is probably their worst nightmare to get the residents mixed up and call the wrong family but we thought it was hilarious.

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Current Faves

Oakie letting me know he’s ready to help by sitting on my laptop.

Damn! The times gets away. This weekend I did a bunch of chores and got out in the yard. I did my first pass on the taxes. I finished a little project for a friend. And I watched NCAA gymnastics conference finals. I’m still watching that. 5 more hours to go.

Morning Tishaniik walk with dogs and elders.

I’m not totally sure how music gets on my phone. Last time I drove to Orleans my podcasts wouldn’t work and I can’t fiddle with the phone while I drive so I asked Siri to play music.

And all these songs I like played. It was a miracle.

So for this trip I added a playlist called “current faves” and listened to that for another part of the drive when my podcasts weren’t working. I did ask Siri to play podcasts but she didn’t do it. I don’t know why.

Apparently I created “current faves” about 15 minutes after Apple invented playlists (the early 00s?) because it was a bunch of old songs from bands I haven’t thought of in ages.

Stroke Nine? Vertical Horizon? Snow Patrol?

I don’t listen to music enough to remedy this situation

On the way home I listened to a big section of Braiding Sweetgrass which I am enjoying but it’s super long and feels long.

Mom and Oakie cleaning up the asparagus patch.

I don’t have any big stories from my trip. The drive down and back went smoothly. We had some rain but nothing terrible which is actually bad because they are hurting for rain/snowpack down there. We went on some nice walks and did some visiting.

I will be back in June.

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Fat Squirrel and The Spool of Destiny

This is Fat Squirrel. There are actually 2 fat squirrels and the way they’ve been running around here, I bet there are more squirrels on the way soon.

I put peanuts out on that little table for the blue jays and sometimes the blue jays don’t come along or leave one and Fat Squirrel gets his chubby mitts on them.

Sometimes he just sits out there, his little hands folded in front of him, and he looks at the window as if to say: hey lady, bring me some peanuts.

The spool was here when we moved in and we use it to hold our drinks when we sit outside. (There’s a swinging seat out there in the summer.) It’s also proven handy for the trail cam and I can easily move it around.

I think at some point Fat Squirrel found a peanut inside that middle hole (you can see in top photo) but his brain is so small, he thinks the peanuts come from a magical place and he has really ripped up the inside of the spool looking for peanuts.

I cleverly covered that hole so now he’s been trying to get in another way.

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First Flower

This post and the next are being scheduled. I am going to Orleans to hang out with Mom for a week. Hopefully I will have some fun photos when I return.

Someday I would like to go through our entire house and get out every towel, washcloth, dish cloth, rag, mop towel, and anything else like a towel and put them all in a pile.

We need to sort through and make a “GET RID OF ALREADY” pile, a mop pile, and then the ones we use for bathing.

Every little cupboard and cranny has some towels stashed in it. Some of them so ancient you can see through them.

But it seems like whenever I’m looking for hand towels, or the bath towels that I like, I can’t find them.

See also: containers for leftovers. We have lids. We have containers. But sometimes none match the others.

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We Lost

Before the match when I was filled with joy.

I have had this post partially written since way back in December when it happened.

We went to our first preseason match last weekend and the new season starts tonight so it was time to finish it up.

My team made it to the championship and about 10 major things had to fall our way for us to get the match at home.

And we did.

This has been my dream to see my team play a championship match in my home stadium.

These are our seats. I don’t know what this setting is on my phone but it looks magical so I’m using it.

But the club doesn’t run the championship match, the league does and the first thing the league does is scrape a whole bunch of seats off the top for all their corporate cronies.

There weren’t even enough seats left for all the season ticket holders.

Twelve years of loyalty, good years and bad, rain or sizzle, US Open Cup, pre-season, friendlies — showing up for the team.

And we had to sit there in front of the computer clicking refresh to try to get tickets.

I will never be over this.

This was our view. Like it?

The only thing available, when we finally got through, were general admission. We both balked and then decided we’d rather be there in shitty seats than not at all.

We couldn’t even see the entire field. You can’t see in the photo but we could see a video screen. So, yay.

And even worse I spent the whole match looking across the field at my seats.

We made the best of it. We always wanted to see a match sitting in the Army section, so crossed that off our list. And at least we didn’t get rained on.

The seats we had were so bad, they aren’t usually even available.

It’s hard to say if I would feel differently if we’d won. I’m not sure. I think I might be less salty, but still salty.

I wouldn’t want to go through that again. What is the point of doing all this if getting to see a championship game is out of reach unless you can pay $1000 a seat or you’re special friends with crony?

I was happy to be back at the park. I hugged my seat.

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The Odd Couple

Here is a clip of Opossum, slipping under the shed.

I have the whole shed blocked off except that one spot because I don’t want to seem welcoming but I also don’t want anything to die under there. The motion light was supposed to discourage wildlife but apparently they think it’s a handy porch light.

For the record I have seen other animals sniffing around that spot: cats, raccoons.

There’s a lot going on here and I’ll get back to it in a second. Don’t let it distract you from watching the porch light come on and a grand entrance from Skunky.

So, do they live together under there? Are they like The Odd Couple? Do they divide the under shed area into “skunk side” and “opossum side.” Are they friends?

I have so many questions.

Back to the clip, we have Raccy getting a little sip and then when Skunky comes out, it looks like something leaps across the lawn and I kind of think it’s Bunny. But it might be another Raccy.

There were several days where I didn’t get very many clips and I thought things had calmed down. No way. Bunny spent several hours one evening tripping off the camera and Opossum did the same thing the night before last.

Edited to add: according to my dashboard — this is post #3000.

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