I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

Remember when I said I would never go to a concert again? I told Bob, “Don’t even ask.”

I lied.

We saw that X and The Blasters were coming into town over xmas. We were both off. Bob said there were reserved seats in the balcony. So I agreed.

And it was really fun! I have seen X one other time, New Years Eve 1985.

Sometimes when I do stuff like this I get depressed like, “How did we all get so old?”

But last night it was really cool. The crowd was about 99% our age and everyone was all old and gray and fat and wearing glasses.

And we’re all still here! And we’re out getting crazy and having fun on a school night. And everybody wasn’t holding up their dumb phones to record the whole time. Yay, olds.

Since we were above we could see the crowd on the floor. You could see the memory of moshing (Did people mosh at X?) which took the form of pockets of shoving that eventually had to be broken up by security.

The bands were awesome. Phil Alvin was terrifc. His bio says he’s 60!

Exene is still a goddess. Billy Zoom was amazing. His bio says he’s 65! He looked like a character out of a Coen brothers movie. John Doe was all over the place. DJ Bonebrake was still there, too. These guys have been together forever.

Great night. I’m glad we went.

I’m going to try to muster the energy for a brief holiday wrap-up post tomorrow. But if I don’t make it, Merry Christmas. Please eat lots of Christmas cookies. The world is depending on it.

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2 Responses to I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

  1. Billy Zoom says:

    Which Coen brothers movie?

  2. Pamela says:

    First I said, The Ladykillers but that’s not right.

    The movie hasn’t been written yet. The Billy Zoom character would be named Earl and he would drive a class powder blue convertible Thunderbird. He would be one of those menacing types, but with a heart of gold.

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