FIFA World Cup Games 37 and 39

Uruguay v. Italy

“Everybody’s talking ’bout my tight shirt. I got my tight shirt on.”

Boy, that Uruguay team has some tight shirts. Not complaining. At least not about the shirts.

I started a sheet I was going to tick off every time I saw an Uruguayan rolling around on the ground. Except I only had about 2 marks on my sheet and already I’d seen Italian players rolling around on the ground, too.

Get off the ground you big fat crybabies. You are grown men who are also very well paid.

And speaking of grown men. WHO BITES PEOPLE? Luis Suarez needs to be banned forever and Uruguay should have punishment, too. What incentive is there not to cheat if the team isn’t punished as well? I can’t even believe this really happened since he was already busted for biting opposing players TWO other times.

How many chances would you get if you bit people at your job? How about if you were annoyed with someone talking on their cellphone at Target so you took a little chomp? I’m guessing criminal charges. Not a fine roughly equal to a week’s salary and you can’t shop at Target for 4 months.

I love that Italy has a player named Marco Parolo. I love Italy but they weren’t playing like they wanted it. But that doesn’t matter because biters don’t deserve to go through. Doesn’t matter. Italy goes home and biters go through.

Japan v. Columbia

Since the other match was so boring in the first half I decided to save my other hour for the Japan v. Columbia match and I watched about 10 minutes and then got distracted with work. I know this is hard to believe but it was easier to follow WC when it wasn’t blasted live from every orifice. If you couldn’t duck out from work you just had to wait until you got home.

It’s possible to save and watch later but I feel like I should know what’s going on when it’s happening. So I run into the room where it’s on but I don’t actually watch the match. It’s not an ideal set up.

Meanwhile, remember when I asked whether there was a website that says what the proper word is for nationals?

Via a completely random article I was reading I learned that the word for this is: demonym which is great already. I’m not sure how much I trust Wikipedia (to be honest, I don’t believe anything I read online anymore but that’s a topic for another day) but there are lists for countries, states, cities. Entertain the kids for hours.

Also, and this is probably not the last time I will say this, but if you are not watching Orphan Black, you need to remedy STAT. Binge on the first 2 seasons. It just gets better and better.

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