FIFA World Cup Games 42 and 43

Evening rain again. I love it. I should get out there and pick snails but I’d have to change clothes. I’ll see how I feel when I’m done with this post.

I decided to watch Argentina v. Nigeria today.

But I had an important work project and I really wanted to finish a cut at it before I started watching. And of course it took longer than I thought so when I finally sat down to watch, it was the 45th minute with the score at 1-1.

Okay, I thought. I’ll run to the restroom and then watch the highlights.

When I got back it was 2-1 Argentina.

Damn! Then I was distracted by another work project so I managed to get back to watch at the 56th minute and it was 3-2 Argentina.


So then I figured I’d just wait and watch France v. Ecuador which I predicted, knowing my luck, would be 0-0. I was distracted by work again and checked the score a few times and I was right: 0-0. A 0-0 match doesn’t necessarily mean it was boring but still.

So I didn’t watch anything today. The real takeaway is that it’s hard to concentrate on sports at the office.

Yesterday I posted before I mentioned that I had to watch a Timbers match when I got home. Yes, I HAD to. They tied me to a chair and propped my eyes open with sticks. It was an away game which we won 3-1. I’m not unhappy but not sure why this team can win on the road but not at home. We play the same team this Friday (long story non-MLS fans, it makes sense(ish), just trust me on this) and it would be nice to beat them at home.

Tomorrow is a big day with USA playing Germany. I still don’t know if my feeble heart can handle it. I’ll try.

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