Well, operation binge-on-soccer has had another miserable failure of a day.

I didn’t get home last night until after 10pm but I got my butt into the office early so I would have time to take a 2 hour lunch and watch Spain. I watched the first half but Spain was so pitiful I thought maybe I should save my other hour and watch the first half of Cameroon and Croatia. But then I had a big work project and ended up working late. Then there was a traffic jam and I just got home.

My DVR was on the poop this morning so the only game I could tape is Netherlands v. Australia and I already know what happened and now that I’m home and braindead I’m thinking I might just watch Game of Thrones and go to bed early.

I know. I am failing at World Cup. Maybe there’s a half hour highlights show I can watch.

Tomorrow is going to be another big work day but hopefully Friday Saturday and Sunday will be all-out couch-bunny soccer festivals of gladness.

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