FIFA Game 23 Uruguay v. England

I’m having trouble using Photoshop (long story omitted but has to do with when technology makes our lives easier by making our lives more complicated) so I am attempting to use one of my flickr photos. But flickr has changed and I’m not sure what’s going on and I do not have the patience or brainspace to figure it out right now.

I’m pretty frazzled from traveling and having consecutive intensive long work days. I don’t know how people do this all the time.

But I did manage to see Uruguay v. England. I am not a fan of Luis Suarez and it pained me to see him, even with what looked like genuine boyish joy, do so well against England. I was crossing my fingers for a last minute equalizer.

Uruguay did show up with the beautiful hair I’ve been looking for that Argentina failed to deliver. Cavani with his long hair and amazing cheek bones. Meanwhile, when Uruguay was up they were the falling-down time-wasting babies. And then England equalized and miracle! They stopped falling down. I really hate this. I know all teams do time wasting stunts but this was shamefully ridiculous.

But hard cheese, they won and they get to go through. England is finished. Too bad.

I saw about 3 minutes of Greece v. Japan and I have no idea what happened this morning in Columbia v. Ivory Coast and I think it’s on the DVR so I’m going to fire it up right now.

I have to go to the grocery store and buy us food but otherwise no obligations this weekend. Soccer and the garden. Oh my, it is a weed factory out there plus tons of beets and greens to harvest. And hopefully some sleeping in so I can return to my regular sparkling self.

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