FIFA World Cup Games 24 and 25

First of all, I found this out in the backyard when I got home from my trip. Looks like more are not far behind. So pretty!

Here’s another shot of the “before” garden.

And this is what it looked like when I got home. I was out there this afternoon, cleaning up. I put the big tomato in a cage and picked beets and tons of berries. There is still so much work to do out there, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed.

On to soccer. I missed Italy v. Costa Rica live because I slept in and then went to the grocery store. I had a book waiting for me at the library and the library opens at 10 on Friday instead of 9. I didn’t want to have to make another trip so I killed time in the car. Then when I did self-checkout I got an error warning that said: Your privilege has expired.

It sounded ominous but the librarian just confirmed my current information and sent me on my way.

I decided to watch Switzerland v. France instead and that went from exciting to pitiful pretty quick. I never enjoy watching a team meltdown.

At the half I gave up and turned on the Italy v. Costa Rica game. This is the first time I’ve seen Costa Rica and I was impressed. I saw someone else had it in their twitter feed: let’s get all their defenders on the Timbers. I was sad for Italy and my beautiful Buffon. I thought Donovan Rickets was the only goalkeeper who looks amazing in orange. I was wrong.

I decided to skip Honduras and Ecuador. I was getting antsy to do something besides sit on the couch. I love my lazy time but I love doing stuff on my list, too. Tomorrow is a big day because Argentina and Germany are both playing, although not each other.

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