Me and my Mentros (sp?). Josa and Fernando made a bunch of these as a fundraiser to take Fernando to Disneyland. I picked this one because it has a hat and magnifying glass. Ryan got Darth Vader. I didn’t know you could do special orders. Like the handy place I keep my camera when my dress has no pockets? Photo from July 4 party by Aileen Wilder.


Germany v. Spain 0-1

Wah. My team lost today. They played pretty much doo-doo. During the first half they seemed to have minimal interest in trying to score. And Spain played great.

It’s going to be a fun final on Sunday with Netherlands and Spain. And I get to see Germany play one more time in the consolation game on Saturday.

Then soccer will be mostly finished (still have Timbers) and I can become a productive member of society again which I’m sure will please a number of people but particularly the one I live with.

Tonight I got home from work late and made myself do some exercise. All I did on vacation was eat, drink and sleep. I needed to move around a bit.

Then I did the first major yard watering of the season. While the side part watered I worked on the garden and pulled a ton of weeds, harvested 3 beets — I’m eating the greens for dinner — and 4 little potatoes. I’ll never go hungry again!

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3 Responses to FIFA WORLD CUP GAME 62

  1. Kira says:

    That picture is so cute! As is the little puppet-y man thing. It’s a what again?

  2. Marvin says:

    “Game 62”???? That’s really scary.

  3. Ballard Avenue says:

    I watched the game at the local Mexican restaurant, so the broadcast was in Spanish. I caught about every tenth word. My first thought was that Germany played like caca, but give Spain credit: They’re very good and played a good German team very well. This will be a great final. Netherlands v. Spain. They’ve still got issues from the 16th century to work out.

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