Big Giant Wrap Up Of All Things (For Now)

Party Beverage Crew preps for the party.

World Cup is Finished: Games 63 and 64

Game 63 between Germany and Uruguay was pretty fun considering everyone was bummed to be there and only wanted to win because it would be better than losing. Germany had a bunch of different players including a goalkeeper named Butt: I hope he names one of his kids Stinky. I liked Uruguay a lot, esp. Diego Forlan, but I was still glad Germany won.

Game 64, the final between Spain and Netherlands, was a turd. The players were whiny and brutish. The pace was clonky. The ref should have gotten the trophy.

I’m glad Spain won.

And I’m glad the tournament is finished.

I went to a Timbers game last night — only 4 more home games plus an exhibition. At least for now. Plus a Sounders in Seattle in August. But otherwise I’m winding down. (Heh heh)

Last night Timbers played Miami. At one point the kids sitting behind us yelled: Put in LeBron. Later when the Timbers scored, this kid who had brought a plastic piggy bank modeled after the World Cup trophy ran to the front of the stands and held it up. He was wearing a Barcelona FC jersey. It didn’t even make sense. He got sent back to his seat.

Cranky bear takes it out on the utility pole.

4th of July Weekend

The night before we left on our trip there was a surprise playoff game between the Timbers and rivals the Seattle Sounders. The stadium was sold out. The scene was insane — loud and boisterous. The game was fantastic and went into overtime and then to penalty kicks. It was a late kick-off anyway and with all the extra stuff I didn’t get home until 11:30pm. So I was completely thrown off schedule by a worthy cause (except we lost by 1 PK).

(Also quick Sounders question: what is that name of that color for the uniforms: “booger”?)

Then I had to get up at the crackass of dawn so I could take care of all my last minute stuff so we could be on the road by 8am to drive to California.

Trip went smooth. We had a big party weekend in honor of my Dad’s 80th birthday. It was perfect weather. Tons of great food. Awesome company. Everyone helped out. Now that I sit here to write this, I don’t have any details. I was so frazzled getting down there I didn’t even have my little notebook. I always have my little notebook. It was an epic party. I’ll put more photos on Facebook.

The Pamily

We’ve had this smoked salmon in the freezer and I keep forgetting about it. I finally went online to look for some recipe ideas.

I found one for smoked salmon and sausage chowder that sounded promising even if it isn’t really chowder weather. The “sausage” part of the recipe was chopped pepperoni sticks. Why would you even think of that?

I ended up making a sort of dip thing to spread on crackers that wasn’t wonderful and a pasta thing that was only okay. I think the problem is that this is some stout smoked salmon. It was like forest fire smoked salmon. I think it would better served as a nibbling snack on a warm afternoon with cold beer to wash it down.

Party! Note my bday gift to my dad: a custom authentic German National Team jersey.

Last note related to the Timbers game. Don’t you love it when you joke around with random strangers? Rather than cracking a joke and having a random stranger look like they’re about to call the police? I joke around with random strangers a lot because I’m uncomfortable in social situations and this is how my coping has evolved.

Before the games, co-worker and I go to this sports bar next to the stadium for burgers and beer. The booths are always full when we get there but we like this terrible little table that’s between the doors to the restrooms and the edge of the bar. They keep the brooms and vacuum right there.

There’s a TV right above the table and there was a guy standing in front watching it. We asked if it was okay to sit down and he said sure.

I struggled to get my chair out with the brooms right there and said: We like to sit by the vacuum.

The guy sad: Well, yeah. That’s the best spot most places.

He stood there a minute longer and then said: I’m going to move along. It’s creepy to stand here while you two are sitting there.

Oh well, seemed funny at the time.

Last item for this post:

I just went through my comment spam and this is my favorite, I wish it was a real comment:

“I didn’t quite get the point this to begin with. But when I read it a fourth time, it all started to make sense. Thanks for the insight. Absolutely something to spend some time on.”

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  1. Kira says:

    The Pamily is adorable! And yes! The biggest problem about jokes with strangers is that when the string of jokes end, you don’t have the comfortable silence of friendship to fall back on.

  2. Marvin says:

    Holland will always be #1. Period.

  3. AEJ says:

    I love the little fella with his hand in his face. That’s how I am with M&M’s.

    Dad doesn’t look 80. Maybe 65.

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