FIFA World Cup is Coming!

You ever run into one of those people who will go out of their way to tell you how they saw Bruce Springsteen back in 1974 in Ashbury Park and how they were onto him before he became famous?

That’s kinda how I feel about me and World Cup.

Anyone remember the olden days when couldn’t even get all the World Cup games and you’d have to tape the re-broadcasts when they were aired in the middle of the night? I do, barely.

Now you can choose from 200 soccer matches a day and there are broadcasts of friendly matches between countries no one has even heard of. Amazing. And I still keep seeing the dialogue about whether soccer is finally going to happen in the U.S. like it isn’t already here. Yes, I realize that it’s not as big as other major sports but it’s doing just fine. There’s been so much World Cup coverage I’m already sick of it.

Just kidding.

Meanwhile, you can catch up on my previous World Cup coverage here. Looking through those old posts, I have learned a lot. Timbers started in Major League Soccer in 2011 so this is my first World Cup since I started following a club although I did have half a season ticket for the Timber’s last season in the lower division.

Here’s a hilariously over-the-top promo for German National Team.

World Cup Coverage 2014 will be spotty at first. I am going to California next weekend to celebrate Father’s Day and (a) no Internet and (b) not sure how much soccer we’re going to get away with at a family gathering. Never fear, I’ll be back.

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