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We Get It: You Can Grow Tall

This tomato plant out front keeps getting taller and taller.

“Knock that off and start making tomatoes,” I told it. (politely)

It’s going to get serious just about the time the season ends.

Remember The Case of the Missing Bandana? I saw a bandana in the backyard and figured some pet had lost it. By the time I went out to grab it – it was gone.

Look what turned up — the angry raccoon must be back. It’s now the case of the shredded bandana. We need a wildlife cam outside so watch what these guys get up to.

No great news to report. I’m in an unfortunate nap cycle.

I had kind-of a tough week and took Thursday off. I had a glorious nap on Thursday afternoon and then was up in the middle of the night necessitating a glorious nap on Friday afternoon and so on. Last night we were both up at the same time. I read for about an hour and then made little pointed comments until Bob finally turned off his light too. He was asleep about 3 minutes later.

I settled in for a quickie nap this afternoon but a spider scuttled across the bed so I got up. Maybe tonight I’ll do better.

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It Beeps At Night

The tulips and daffodils are nearing the end. I include this because you can tell I planted these at the very end when I was tired of planting bulbs and I made these trenches in between dahlias which were still around when I put the bulbs in last fall.

A few weeks ago I heard a faint beep at regular intervals. I have ridiculously good hearing which is amazing for the amount of time I spent listening to loud heavy metal music.

I asked Bob if he could hear it and once I pointed it out he could hear it to.

We figured it had to be one of the smoke detectors in the basement.

Can you spot the bee?

Since it was the basement of course we forgot about it until one night Bob was up in the middle of the night fretting about something and he heard the beep.

Once he heard the beep he couldn’t not hear the beep and he stomped downstairs to deal with it.

Except he couldn’t find it. He checked all the various detectors we have down there and I recently upgraded and replaced everything so I was surprised we were having a battery issue to begin with.

The beep continued.

He searched everywhere. He started opening boxes and checking in drawers.

He finally found it on a shelf in this weird, dusty, spider-filled alcove behind the fireplace. He was not amused.

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Little Squash

When I visited California, Mom was busy picking bales of squash and zucchini.

I said, Why did you plant so many?

The plants took up a huge section of the garden.

Mom said, That’s two plants. Two.

That’s why I’m afraid to plant squash.

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Sleeping with Anyone But Yourself

Urgh. 3:30am – we’re never going to be friends.

I use a clock radio as an alarm. I had the radio set to one of those popular music of the last several decades stations but in November it went to all Christmas music so I switched it. Right now it’s on a station that sounds like contemporary music but I never recognize a single song. And true, I’m not super up-to-date on the current hits but I’m not oblivious. This is like a radio portal to music that exists somewhere else.

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Flower Photos Are Easy to Make Look Good

Sorry to be a boring broken record, but little improvement on the sleepless front. Slept like the dead until 3:30a – so improving, but still falling short of our goals. I’m not giving up.

This was in my scan folder and the original scan has the photos side-by-side like we got those sheets of school photos when we were kids. But the photos were mis-aligned and one was blurrier. Not sure what that was all about. I practiced all kinds of things with this one.

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In the Drift

After an amazingly long streak of problem free sleep, the insomnia monster is back. At first I was waking up between 3 and 5, which wasn’t too bad. And I’d drift so it was like an early morning nap. But every night this week I’ve woken up at 12:30 and then drifted. This is not optimal.

I already failed the bringing the lunch to work thing on the 2nd day. I went out to lunch with a friend. That lunch made leftovers so today is leftovers supplemented with stuff from home.

I loved having hot soup in a thermos except it was kind of a rush in the morning to get it ready. I don’t think this exercise has inspired me to bring my lunch more often.

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The Lions’ Sack

It never fails that if I string together a couple of award-winning nights of sleep over the weekend, Sunday night I will wake up at 2am and stare at the ceiling for a few hours. Bob was up around 4am and we chatted a bit, mostly about being awake and wishing we weren’t. I was thinking about getting up and making tea and reading but next thing the alarm blasted out Huey Lewis and the News and frightened me awake. Great way to start the day!

I went through all my glasses and put the ones I don’t need into a sack for the Lions or whatever that service club is that will take your old glasses. I asked Bob to grab me a bunch of +2’s at the dollar store. +2 or +3’s I can’t remember how strong I get. Kids, write this down: once you hit your mid 40’s your eyes completely go to hell. If your eyes are hell before that, I’m not sure what happens.

I now have glasses in every drawer, the car, the backpack. I accidentally left a pair in Timbers ticket partner’s truck and later found them and then left a different pair behind.

Last night I realized that my back-up pair for work was in the Lions’ sack which meant there was no back-up pair at the office. Do you have any idea how screwed I am if I don’t have my glasses? I don’t even like to eat without my glasses on. Problem being addressed.

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Snap Time

Snap is the word I invented to mean opposite of a nap. It’s when you’re awake in the middle of the night.

I have had a 2+ hour snap almost every night for over 3 weeks. Urgh. Why does my body do this?

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What I Wish I Was Doing Today

Match Day Ritual

Summer: This is the match day ritual.

Last week I was reading some story online and the person was dealing with finances. One super bright and forward thinking commenter suggested getting another job such as newspaper delivery.


Who gets newspapers anymore?

Well, we do. But we’re the olds. Is there anyone under 30 who has newspaper delivery?

Historically, during the holidays our delivery person gives us a Holiday Greeting which is really information on how to send them a tip. We always send something. Last year the delivery family had a list of about 8 newspapers they were delivering. A couple months later we got a note from them that they’d lost the contract because someone underbid them.

I don’t think there’s a whole lot of opportunity in newspaper delivery.

I’m having insomnia issues this week and I wake up at 3am when the paper comes. The new guy stops the car, turns it off and then does who-knows-what for a few minutes. Then the car door opens, the paper hits the front door, and the car door closes. Then he restarts the car, drives next door and the whole thing starts all over again. This seems staggeringly inefficient. Plus, don’t car starters wear out? To add to my late night anxiety, I’m dreading the day the car won’t restart. What will he do? Does he have a cellphone? Is there someone who can drive out and help him at 3am? Will he wish he’d just thrown the paper out the window without stopping like the old paper delivery people did?

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Wonderin’ If I’ll Sleep

What was going on last night? I woke up at 1am, completely wide awake. I flopped around a little bit. Bob was too asleep to be entertaining. I was so hopelessly awake I finally got up and fiddled on the computer and then read a book. At 3:30am I reasoned I must be tired by now and went back to bed and flopped around for another hour. I woke up at 7am. I don’t understand how I can be so wide awake in the middle of the night.

This morning I finally got around to pinning some pants I need to hem. I always hem my pants a little too short. I don’t do it on purpose and each time I remind myself: don’t hem them too short. Then I hem them and wear a few times and launder and notice, huh, these are kinda short. I’m sure I’ve been the subject of scorn and ridicule numerous times from the Properly Hemmed Pants Patrol.

The other thing is I have super short legs so if I end up with regulars there is tons of fabric in the length and I never cut it. I just fold it all up. I have giant hems in some of my pants.

The pants I worked on this morning must have been made for circus people who wear stilts (and wear dry clean only work slacks for their performances). If I don’t trim it the hem will be close to 7 inches. I’m tempted to leave it but I think I’ll trim this pair. But first I have to make sure they aren’t too short.

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