We Get It: You Can Grow Tall

This tomato plant out front keeps getting taller and taller.

“Knock that off and start making tomatoes,” I told it. (politely)

It’s going to get serious just about the time the season ends.

Remember The Case of the Missing Bandana? I saw a bandana in the backyard and figured some pet had lost it. By the time I went out to grab it – it was gone.

Look what turned up — the angry raccoon must be back. It’s now the case of the shredded bandana. We need a wildlife cam outside so watch what these guys get up to.

No great news to report. I’m in an unfortunate nap cycle.

I had kind-of a tough week and took Thursday off. I had a glorious nap on Thursday afternoon and then was up in the middle of the night necessitating a glorious nap on Friday afternoon and so on. Last night we were both up at the same time. I read for about an hour and then made little pointed comments until Bob finally turned off his light too. He was asleep about 3 minutes later.

I settled in for a quickie nap this afternoon but a spider scuttled across the bed so I got up. Maybe tonight I’ll do better.

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