Animals Being Jerks

These are walls of water. The photo is from the garden a few years ago.

I spent the last two afternoons busting my heinie in the garden. I bought a bunch of soil and manure and had lots of clean-up to do — weeds to pull or whack, volunteers to discourage. My arms get so tired. I pushed myself to finish the basics yesterday so I could take a break today.

I got a seed catalog this year and they have the world’s best copywriters because once you look at the catalog you become convinced that you need to grow everything.

If you don’t believe me, ask colleague. I asked if he wanted to look at my extra seed catalog and he came back an hour later with a list as long as my arm.

I’m only planting 2 tomatoes this year because I’m trying to cut back on acidy foods. I picked one cherry tomato and one “super prolific plant with bold, bright colored fruit, starts early and produces late into the season, best tasting tomatoes of your life, you will feel younger, healthier, and more alive if you grow this.”

I had two walls of water left. I put one up and the other one turned out to be made of holes. That did not prevent me from trying to use it anyway. But a walls of water that doesn’t hold water is landfill.

I woke up this morning and saw a green blob in the garden.

“Oh no! The walls of water fell over.” This has happened before. As it settles it sometimes leans.

But what I found was my walls of water turned inside out and my poor baby tomato plant floating in mud.

That raccoon was so angry, he chewed off the little stick I used to give the tomato something to lean against.

He chewed the thing up good. I’ve never had a creature destroy a walls of water before.

Look at this poor little guy. I hope he makes it.

I’m going to buy some more walls of water and try again.

BOOK UPDATE: Everything is on track. Should be available next week. Stand by.

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  1. Kenneth says:

    Sorry about the tomato. Looking forward to the book.

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