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The Lions’ Sack

It never fails that if I string together a couple of award-winning nights of sleep over the weekend, Sunday night I will wake up at 2am and stare at the ceiling for a few hours. Bob was up around 4am and we chatted a bit, mostly about being awake and wishing we weren’t. I was thinking about getting up and making tea and reading but next thing the alarm blasted out Huey Lewis and the News and frightened me awake. Great way to start the day!

I went through all my glasses and put the ones I don’t need into a sack for the Lions or whatever that service club is that will take your old glasses. I asked Bob to grab me a bunch of +2’s at the dollar store. +2 or +3’s I can’t remember how strong I get. Kids, write this down: once you hit your mid 40’s your eyes completely go to hell. If your eyes are hell before that, I’m not sure what happens.

I now have glasses in every drawer, the car, the backpack. I accidentally left a pair in Timbers ticket partner’s truck and later found them and then left a different pair behind.

Last night I realized that my back-up pair for work was in the Lions’ sack which meant there was no back-up pair at the office. Do you have any idea how screwed I am if I don’t have my glasses? I don’t even like to eat without my glasses on. Problem being addressed.

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Lost Again

I’ve somehow managed to lose my last pair of cheapie reading glasses.

I misplace them all the time. That’s why I bought several pairs.

But once I start checking the couch cushions or the crack between the bed and the headboard or the shelves in the laundry room, they always turn up. Not this time.

Just as I’m writing this I’m wondering if they’re in the outdoor chest freezer. Our new fridge arrived Monday night and I carried stuff back and forth several times and dug around out there. Maybe they fell in. I’ll have to check when I get home.

Meanwhile I’ve ordered more cheapies but I’ve got to hang on to this single pair of glasses until they arrive.

Living on the edge.

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