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FIFA World Cup Coverage Interrupted For This Announcement

I have a new story out in the Spring 2014 issue of Yellow Medicine Review. Purchasing information is right here.

My friend Carter Meland edited the issue and I’ve already read it cover to cover and there are some great pieces. Among my favorites are Benjamin Burgess’s The Kennewick Chronicles: 101 Ways to Explain Kennewick Man’s Pelvic Projectile Wound, Hans Carlson’s Strangers Still, and the Land Nearly Devoured, and Carol Miller’s Twilight exile: Elders, Aging, and an American Indian Family.

If you have any interest in contemporary indigenous writing I very strongly encourage you to track it down and support these writers. But if you already know you aren’t going to buy it but you’d like to read my story, here you go: Reservation Jobs. I should point out that this is my submitted version. The editor kindly cleaned up the version in print.

If you can believe it, even with my terrible output lately, I actually have one more story coming out but I’m not sure when. Don’t worry. I’ll tell you all about it when it’s out.

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

Here’s a link to all the 12 Days of Christmas photos. I don’t know how to make it so that the whole post shows up so you have to click through to see the photos. That’s on my list of things to fix someday if I’m feeling ambitious. It’s probably easier to go to the main page and scan through the photos that way.

Here’s my wrap up for the year post.

I had one new publication which you can find here: The Last Willow Stick on the River which originally appeared in Yellow Medicine Review, Spring 2012.

My other big publishing success was my eBook of short stories: Red Tape Stories From Indian Country. If you need a last minute gift, I can’t think of anyone whose life wouldn’t be brightened by a book of stories about Indians with time machines and hostile fish and other unexpected problems. It’s available anywhere you can buy eBooks. Here’s a link: Amazon. It’s cheaper than a beer at Jeld-Wen.

One of the highlights of my year was seeing a million Timbers games (a million is not enough!). I’m sure you’ve got time on your hands, why not check out my endless photostream? Wait, there’s more. I have a separate photostream for the Sounders rivalry matches.

We also had a terrific trip to New York this summer. Photos here.

I’m sure other stuff happened but I can’t think of it right now and as usual, I spent the morning working on my story so now I’m behind on everything else and I need to fold clothes and make gravy and wrap presents.

I’ll be offline for about a week. Thanks for stopping by.

Hope all your holiday wishes come true.

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FIFA World Cup Games 33, 34, 35 and 36

View from 1000 SW Broadway, Portland

I somehow left my notes on today’s games at the office. Dang, because I’m sure I had some real nuggets in there. I’m loving all the soccer comment spam I’ve been getting. Like I really believe they find these articles interesting. How about this: did you hear Messi and Tevez want to reform Oasis? Maybe I can run my fingers through their hair with a little Wonderwall playing in the background.

(Oh, and resist the urge to tell me about Turdpress’s Whosit that will deal with spam, that’s not the point here.)

I did get manage to get home with this ad I tore out of the AAA magazine for “quality tools at ridiculously low prices.” Even if there were tools I needed I would never get around to figuring out how to use them but these coupons are so awesome — a reciprocating saw with rotating handle for $19.99 — I don’t even know what that is but how can I pass that up? I don’t think that’s proper sentence but I’d really like to watch the highlights show before I go to bed so we’re going to let it stand.

Plus I still need to do my words for the beg-a-thon and take care of some other household stuff.

Here’s another thighlights gallery this time featuring Portugal.

Non-Soccer Item

Also here’s an NPR story about Orleans and the Karuk Tribe: FCC Eyes Broadband For Indian Reservations

Many tribal communities around the United States are in remote, rural areas. Humboldt County, Calif., is home to several tribes — among them the Karuk.

In the small community of Orleans, Calif., the Karuk make up a quarter of the population of just under 1,000 people.

The tribe’s IT officer, Chris Kleeman, says they even have a hard time getting phone service. “We lose our regular telephones, including 911, hundreds of times each year,” Kleeman says. Last July alone, they lost phone service about 250 times, he says.

Bari Talley in the story is my cousin. <3

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Better Photos

I’m learning to take better photos. I met Hal at a party and he gave me a few tips and then I thought, hey, why don’t I actually read the book that came with the camera?

This evening while the sprinkler is going on the garden I took some flower photos which you can view here.

The TV is all effed up because between the dvr box and the tv itself and the combo video/dvd drive — the magic buttons were not pressed in alignment and all we can do is view video/dvd or snow. Not optimal but hey, a night without TV is like a gift from the gods. Go take pictures of your dahlias.

When we were in Germany at Christmas time for some reason I brought 2 half-dead camera batteries instead of fresh ones so when my battery finally died I had to buy one in Garmisch, a tourist town, with the crappy dollar so it was like a $25 camera battery and I’m thrilled to report it’s still going strong. I have two new batteries sitting here but haven’t had to touch them yet because the $25 Bavarian battery is kicking ass.

The Tribes are going back to Scotland. BBC link here. (The BBC knows my tribe exists. How cool is that?)

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