Better Photos

I’m learning to take better photos. I met Hal at a party and he gave me a few tips and then I thought, hey, why don’t I actually read the book that came with the camera?

This evening while the sprinkler is going on the garden I took some flower photos which you can view here.

The TV is all effed up because between the dvr box and the tv itself and the combo video/dvd drive — the magic buttons were not pressed in alignment and all we can do is view video/dvd or snow. Not optimal but hey, a night without TV is like a gift from the gods. Go take pictures of your dahlias.

When we were in Germany at Christmas time for some reason I brought 2 half-dead camera batteries instead of fresh ones so when my battery finally died I had to buy one in Garmisch, a tourist town, with the crappy dollar so it was like a $25 camera battery and I’m thrilled to report it’s still going strong. I have two new batteries sitting here but haven’t had to touch them yet because the $25 Bavarian battery is kicking ass.

The Tribes are going back to Scotland. BBC link here. (The BBC knows my tribe exists. How cool is that?)

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